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I was reviewing my credit score to see how I was doing, my credit union told me that there was a debit collector for 139.90 for an item from Hawthorne Architectural Reg LD which I do not have any knowledge of this charge. So I was hoping that this company can provide me with something showing my signature on it saying that I purchase this expensive item, that I know I would have not bought. Show me some proof that I order this item and if you can not PLEASE remove this of my credit report ASAP. Sincerely a hurt lady. CELESTINE N. MATTHEWS

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      9th of Apr, 2010
    Hawthorne Architectural Reg LD - I don't know these people
    Hawthorne Architectural Reg LD
    United States

    My complaint is with the above reference company in regard to a debt for the amount of $66.94, in regard to an order that they say i placed in 12-15-2004 is a creche w/lamis that i never received, maybe i placed the order that i dont remember but i never received the merchandise, thy forwarded me to the collection agency without proof that i received the merchandise, now i received a letter from national recovery agency as a formal demand a for payment of a debt that it is no mine, i know the amount is not to much but what do i have to pay for something that i never received, if they can prove me that i received the merchandise i am more than agree to pay the such debt, but firstable they have to prove me with a sign receipt for me that the merchandise had been received in my home address.

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      20th of Aug, 2012
    Hawthorne Architectural Reg LD
    United States

    I do not know who these people are.. And I have not ordered nor bought anything from them and they are trying to get $78.94 from me under a collection agency called National Recovery Agency.

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      25th of Aug, 2012

    Tell them you have your own agency it's called We Mercilessly Sue Dumb Collection Agencies.

    First google what to do when contacted by a CA and learn your rights under DFCPA as well as cease and desist letters. Since you don't owe this money write them a nice cease and desist and ask them for validation of debt. they have about 30days. Failure of which tell them you don't want to be contacted ever again about this debt and if they do your agency specializes in suing them, $1500 for each violation. Then sue even if per se. But first head over to debtorboards dot com and learn how people do this.

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