Hawaiian BillsAwful company

My husband and I found a hawaiian restaurant in the area and figured we would try was ok service minimal didn't even get refills on our teas or even offered. The service actually wasn't that good either. At the end when we were finished he placed the bill on our table and my husband looked at it and it was $21.32 so my husband left 5 5dollar bills and 1 single ($26.00). So we were done, actually before we even left the table and the server didn't pick up the bill with cash came over with a glove on hand and removed our glasses...we were not even out of our seats yet!

So we left the table and my husband frequented the restroom while I waited, when my husband came back the server tells him (rudely) you were 32cents short...we were like excuse me? He said we were 32cents short and that's when my husband told him NO we left 5 5dollar bills and a single and he said NO you left 4 5dollar bills my husband replied that he double counted the money (I saw $26) and he was very short.

So my husband gave him an additional 5 bucks and I said I don't stiff people and I don't I am in the business also...needless to say we will never come back and we will never recommend anyone to go there if anything we will warn people not to...

Maybe I need to stick to places we know that know how to give service to people who are paying for it.

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