Hawaii Visitor Center / Never received refund

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Back in July 2009, after cancelling a $5000 vacation to Hawaii I was promised a refund minus cancellation fees. I waited patiently through 2 billing cycles, being told it can typically take that long to show up on my credit card. Now, almost a year later, I have filed a report with the BBB and taken action through my credit card company. Thank god for Bank of America who eventually refunded my money.

These actions were only taken after MULTIPLE attempts to contact a representative of the Visitor Center. At first I was brushed off...told to wait a little longer, and then they just outright ignored my calls and emails.

And, the worst part of it all?? I'm now a licensed travel agent so I understand proper procedure and they certainly do not follow it. Many others have had similar problems: /URL removed/

Westfield, Massachusetts

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