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Someone sent me the link to this website a while back and my head still aches from it.Too many colors! I would say, the worst looking design website I have ever seen. I think it's a portal site for political news wires but because of the overload of nonsense on it I just can't tell for sure. It is however broken up into categories, and if you can hang in there you can figure it out eventually. The funny thing about this site is it's page rank on google and alexa. Google gives it a 4 out of 10 and its world rank on alexa is 20, 127. That's rather impressive considering it's ugly factor. Without doing a little research I'll assume this site has been out for quite a few years because mostly I base that on the unbelievable amount of word content it has.

Bottom line is, I don't like this site, it hurts.

Now i must go and lie down for a while after that visual assault I just endured again.


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