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Havenhead, Inc., aka The Spa Specialist, Inc. / Mr. Arjuna robbed his Brother and Sister-in-law of $39,750.00 plus

1 14971 Raritan StreetBroomfield, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 303-365-0316 303-404-2224

Stock Fraud $15, 000.00
Unpaid Labor $5, 000.00
Loan Balance $19, 750.00

Not to mention 12 plus years of unpaid profit distributions. We don't have all the records. They stopped coming after 2003 (IRS form 1020s, Schedule K-1's). That year the form say's we were paid $16, 900.00 as our 25% share. Have Mr. Arjuna produce copies of his canceled checks that we endorsed and deposited in our bank (there are none).

His only argument, so far, is that I am a nut case and the "Debt" is a "Delusional Fantasy!" Make sure that you "insist and demand" to see his "Bullet proof, industrial strength" evidence in the form of documents. i.e. mental health records signed and certified by a licensed Psychiatrist. He will also swear I "Mainlined" Meth for over 20 years with "...I know...I was there and saw him shoot up 24/7...!" Gee, I don't see any track marks or scar tissue evidence of this on any square inch of my body? Have him account for where he was in that close of a proximity to me for a 20 year block of time to have observed this interesting phenomena?

As our Father would say "This guy is a Phony Tony!"

Furthermore, talk to his Wife's Brother, David Lapiana, and see what his opinion is? (Jimmy drove him into bankruptcy and left his name off of "The Articles of Incorporation" for "Havenhead, Inc."...Hmm...I wonder why?)

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