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Harvey Norman / incorrect items provided

1 Sydney Metro Area, New South Wales, Australia

On 4 November 2018, I purchased the brandon design coffee table, dining table and entertainment unit a total of which was $5, 300. The sales assistant, Mr Andrew Naba of the Auburn store advised me that my items will arrive in 8 weeks time.

On 18 January 2019, I was informed that my items will be delivered to my home the following day (19 January 2019). On that day, we received our items only to notice that the dining table and coffee table were NOT the items we purchased they were entirely different items. To add insult to injury, not only did the delivery drivers dump the items in my garage and asked me to 'deal with their boss, Ben Thorpe. I contacted Mr Thorpe the same day and he tried to persuade me that "they were the right items" . I sent photos to Mr Thorpe showing the items delivered to me and also of the items I purchased. He then conceded that they were the wrong items and advised that I will have to wait another 8 weeks to receive the correct items. He noted in the interim, that I can use the items currently residing in my garage. I disagreed and said I did not want to be held responsible for items that are not mine and I want what I paid for and for the job to be escalated and not wait for a further 8 weeks. Mr Thorpe advised that he will arrange for the delivery men to pick up the incorrect items on 20 January 2019 at 5 to 8pm. On 20 January 2019, I waited for the delivery men to pick up the incorrect items only to be told that they cannot pick up the items until 11:30pm that night. I agreed to that time only to have the delivery men cancel the pick-up and advise me of same at 11:45pm on SUNDAY NIGHT! The delivery men said they will come tomorrow (21 January 2019) to pick up the items and I advised them to come at 5pm because I will not be home until 5pm from work. I received a call from the delivery men at 12pm today, 21 January 2019, asking if I happen to be home at 3:30pm? I had enough dealing directly with the useless delivery men and spoke to Mr Thorpe asking him to stick to the agreed arrangement to have the delivery men attend my home at 5pm, which he confirmed the delivery men will do. As I am writing this email, I have received a call from the delivery men now advising me that they will not be at my property until 7:30pm to pick up that items and I quote "I have to understand that they are doing me a favour".

Firstly, Harvey Norman initially failed to relay the correct items/description codes to the manufacturer who in turn produced incorrect items. The consequence of which is I am without the items I paid for and waited over 2 months for and on top of that, I am currently in possession of items that are not mine but are rather Harvey Norman's possessions. Frankly, I believe I am doing Harvey Norman a favour by acting as bailee for your stock! My home is not a warehouse where you can dump your stock and ask me to store it, because you screwed up the order.

Furthermore, I am being inconvenienced by waiting around for useless delivery men to pick up your stock at a time(s) convenient for them and Harvey Norman. I have had to rush home early from work to ensure I can allow access to my home so they can obtain the items, instead you have inconvenience by keeping the items at my premises, asking me to be responsible for them on the store's behalf and wasting my time and work time.

In addition, I have to wait another 8 weeks for the right furniture to be made and delivered to me, frankly that's good enough. I understand that you don't have control on how long goods are manufactured but the poor customer service experience was just disgraceful and quite frankly, waiting another 8 weeks for items that I paid for in full in not an acceptable resolution.

Your warehouse people and drivers, may be independent third party's however, they acted as agents on Harvey Norman's behalf and the multiple failures, excuses and poor attitude and customer service was appalling.

I look forward to discussing a resolution to this matter at your earliest convenience.

please find attached photos of the correct purchased items (first 2 photos) and photos of the incorrect items (3rd and 4th photos) and of the invoice with the deliver's man's handwritten notes.

Kind regards,

Lisa Antoun

Jan 21, 2019

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