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Harvey Norman / lie to facilitate agreement

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Dear Complaints Board,
Is there an email address to contact the Harvey Norman head franchise office about a customer complaint? I have the following complaint regarding service from the Southlands - Kalgoorlie, Western Australia store.

I purchased a Panasonic 42inch Plasma Television from Harvey Norman on Saturday 15th of July. I was required to take the invoice to the warehouse at the rear of the store where the Storemen gave me the Television and accessories boxes. I travelled home then assembled and set-up the Television in my house. Just as I had finished two Harvey Norman Storemen arrived at my doorstep and told me that they had given me the wrong Television unit. They told me that the unit I was given was an older version of the same Television and they had bought around a newer version for me. They dismantled the Television I had purchased and then I had to assemble and set up the television they had bought to my house.

I have subsequently found out that they actually had given me a newer version of the television with HDTV and not an older version. So they lied to me, maybe to facilitate my agreement to give them back the television I had purchased. I can see why the Storemen were so eager to take the Television I had been originally given.

I was going to purchase a HDTV converter and new gas stove with hotplates from Harvey Norman next month but they have lost my business due to this situation with my Television purchase.

  • Troubledstaff's Response, Apr 21, 2018

    Mcgraths Hill NSW 2763

  • JohnBeer's Response, Jun 14, 2018

    already done

    Harvey Norman robbing thieving [censored] do not give cash back

  • Bubbles1234's Response, Oct 28, 2018

    I have taken the phone to the shop an they can't find a fault and I would like to get a refund for the phone today or I will be going higher

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  • Ap
      13th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I find it astounding than any company executive, whether
    Harvey Norman, or advertising company CEO, seriously expects that loud, screeching, annoying, far too frequent
    ads, are going to cause numb-brains to rush into their
    stores, throwing money at them. Some customers can think.
    Even if their staff were normal, courteous, helpful
    people, the annoying (always muted) ads would definately
    preclude me from ever buying anything from them.
    Let's hope they go out of business and get out of town!

  • Ap
      13th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Totally agree Alan. What the idiots don't seem to
    understand, is that their annoying crap is being
    avoided, by almost everyone, in many ways. The mute
    button is most often used, programmes are pre-recorded
    on Tivo type units and fast-forwarded over, commercial
    channels are being avoided by many and some, like our
    family, have a great collection of dvd's (years worth!)
    so we can forget TV entirely. Problem is there are SOME
    very good shows on TV, which ads try to spoil.

  • Ph
      30th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Interesting to note that Gerry Harvey is using the economic crisis as an excuse to close 10 stores in Australia. Its pretty clear that if they cared a hoot about their customers they might be able to stay in business. When times are tough preople take a whole lot less s**t from businesses and go where they are made welcome, served well, and are able to complain (and be heard) when things go wrong.

    I was a HN customer, but never again. Went to buy a camera. Had the money in my hand and knew which one I wanted. I waited for the single sales person at the camera counter to finish with a couple who were trying to walk away and kept saying to him there were people waiting. He didn't acknowledge me or the three others who had been waiting for close to 10 minutes. The couple he was serving were NOT buying and were trying to get away from him. Eventually he called another sale person over to help me. I stated what I wanted, but he made a pitch on another more expensive camera, telling me the one I wanted was no good. Half way through his pitch another emp0loyee approached him with some paper work. He then yelled for another sales person to serve me as he needed to pay attention to his paper work. On his way over another customer grabbed the third sales person's attention and he wandered off with them, leaving me unattended at the camera counter. Of course I walked out ... forever.

    I bought the camera I wanted from a small Kodak kiosk in a mall (a couple of dollars cheaper), great customer service, he opened the box, let me read the instructions, and play with the camera. Without solicitation I decide to buy all the accessories that went with the camera as well. Couldn't be happier. Love the camera.

    Stuff Harvey Norman!

  • La
      24th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes


    I have just been in to Harvey Norman to look at a computer and am totally discusted with the sales pitch. Free an Xbox with any Laptop or Pc over $750. They said that if we didn't want the Xbox they would reduce the price if we took the XBox the price would stay the same so the salesman said he would give us a top of the line power board worth $299.95 so with negotiations he said he would do the computer for $2175 and with extended warranty of
    an extra 4 years the price would be $2450. This we agreed on when we go in the car and had a good look at the docket when we were on our way home the computer including the 4 year warranty was $2175 and they had charged us for the power board. So the computer is the same cost with no deductions and no Xbox. There is no where
    on their website to make a complaint. So as far as I am concerned Gerry Harvey is full of s...t about bargaining with the sales people and should not get on TV advertising such. Mr Harvey should stick by his word.
    The company website should be done so that complaints can be lodged and check by the company.

  • Pe
      13th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    [email protected]

  • To
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have tried also but cannot locate a point of contact to submit a complaint on line to Harvey Norman.

    This is unprofessional, unethical and an evasive form of trading.

    Not over yet by a long shot. I will write to every government and associated body until I get my complaint dealt with.

  • Te
      11th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I face the similar problem as well. I could not locate any complaint hotline or email to express my dissastisfaction towards the services rendered at one of the outlet in Malaysia. However, there's a customer service email available at harvey norman singapore website, which is great.

  • Mi
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    My parents bought an LCD TV from the Harvey Norman Store in Preston (Melbourne) last week. They were told by the salesman that in order to be able to operate their current DVD player they need to buy one of those video/audio cables as well. So he gave them the cables with gold plating that normally cost $190 for $160 (AUD). These cables can be found for two dollars and fifty cents in many stores around Melbourne and they function just fine. Finally, every DVD player is sold with one pair anyway.

    Unfortunately my parents don't have much knowledge about electric goods and they don't speak much English either, because they immigrated to Australia a few years back and they are very old. So based on trust they agreed to buy these cables, but the salesman also told them that they can be returned if they are not needed.

    Two days after the purchase, their new LCD was connected to the power plug, antenna, and the DVD player by my parents' friend who also happens to be a computer technician, and they found that the cables were not needed at all, so my mum asked me few days later to take them back to the store. When I went there together with my dad, the person who I was refered to talk to was very rude and unprofessional. I tried to explain that they did not fully understand what those cables were for and that they decided to purchase them believing that they would not be able to operate their dvd player with the new LCD TV. I also pointed out that my parents are pensioners and that similar cables can be purchased for two or three dollars. He said that if they could understand English to buy LCD than they understand English to buy cables worth $190. It did not take long to realize that this person is corrupt from every angle and that there is no reasonable talk with him, and I asked to talk to the manager, but he said that he was the manager. Than I said that I wanted to talk to the head manager, but he replied that he was the head manager. I said "there's got to be someone above you somewhere", but again I was given the same answer. At that point my dad decided to leave the cables with him and he started walking out of the store, and I followed him. On the way out we were walking through the furniture department and I noticed that the person that I was talking to had another salesman on the mobile phone who followed us outside pretending that he was going to buy a sausage from the little kiosk they had outside of the store, but what he was actually doing was taking our registration plates number for some reason.
    I believe that not only that they are violating CONSUMER PROTECTION LEGISLATION which is stated in The Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth) by taking Unconscionable conduct (Sections 51AA and 51AB), but also the fact that they don't have complaints department tells you a lot about them. I wander if the government is aware of this.

  • Mo
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am having terrible problems with Harvery Norman - Bennetts Green, N.S.W.
    I purchased a 3 seater swing, as a gift, for my Son's new patio. I realized, upon seeing the patio, that the swing would be too big for the area.
    We did NOT open the box and I have the receipt, but when I tried to get a refund, the Manager told me - "we do not sell goods, to give refunds". He was quite rude to me and said that is their policy.
    I phoned H.N. head office and spoke to a lady there and explained the situation to her, she said she would ring the store and see what could be done and she would get the Manager to ring me back. I hadn't heard for several days, so I phoned this lady again. Once again, she said she would ring the store and get the Manager to call me. It was many days later, I eventually got a call from the Manager. He was very annoyed with me, I assume, because I had rung Head Office. He said, he would take the swing back, BUT there would be a 20% cancellation fee. That amounts to $99.00. I had also paid $45.00 delivery fee, but said I didn't expect to get that back. I told him, I thought $99.00 was "highway robbery" and that I was entitled to a full refund. He said I could think what I liked, but take it or leave it.
    I am so annoyed with his attiitude and I feel customers do NOT have any rights with Harvey Norman and I would advise anyone and everyone, to be very careful when buying anything from them.
    I cannot find anywhere either, to lodge a complaint with Harvey Norman, via email.
    Can anybody out there, suggest a way, in which I might get a FULL refund ??

  • No
      16th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also had a bad experience with Harvey Norman at Rothwell. We had recently spent about $4000.00 with the store and decided we would use them for our new carpet (big mistake). When the time came to lay the carpet it was the wrong colour. We contacted Harvey Norman and all we got was sorry, they then told us they would get the right carpet express up from Sydney and would arrive within 1- 1 1/2 days this actually took 5 days. So in the mean time we were living in a house with all the furniture in a couple of spots and having to climb over furniture to get to bathrooms etc. and still all we got was sorry. Not once did Harvey Norman phone to let us know what was going on, we were the ones that had to phone them everyday to get and update. If they had of been honest in the first place and told us it would be up to 5 days before we could get our new carpet down at least we would have known were we stood. So much for customer service. We will never go back again and as for Harvey Norman not having a complaints dept, how bad is that, no wonder they get so much bad publicity.

  • Ni
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    To the General Manager of Harvey Norman Malaysia,
    CC (Singapore)

    I like to express my highest disappointment in your company.
    My experience with Harvey Norman has been an expensive, substandard and most of all very frustrating one.
    One would think that an established company with a reputation of quality would also have the same in Customer Service.
    Sorry to say that it is not.

    I would like below to explain my ordeals with Harvey Norman.
    Depending your reply, for further action from my side.

    About 2.5 months ago I went to Ikano to buy a new Plasma, Radio, LCD screen, Fridge and Washer for our house.
    As we moved from Europe to Malaysia on the “Malaysia my second Home” plan of the government.
    We concluded that the sales persons in your establishment are only interested to make a sale so they get their commission.
    There are not at least interested in professional service.
    Ask a simple question : What is the difference between an LCD and a Plasma ? Non could answer me.
    (I also don’t know, but I feel as a customer I like somebody to explain it to me)
    As we then made our choice we wanted to buy the brackets for the wall.
    One sales person showed us the different brackets. He also informed us that the ones we choose were not available.(?) He even send us out the shop to go upstairs to another shop to buy them there and then come back to Harvey Norman.
    ( I don’t know what to think of that, I leave it to you)
    We were pushed so badly by the vendors to purchase, I only bought the LCD and the DVD player.
    People kept pushing us to choose. We wanted to look around first, compare on our own.
    We were simply not allowed.
    That was my first experience with Harvey Norman.

    (FYI : We ended up in another shop that day were I purchased over RM13.800 of house hold items)

    However that same day I went next door to the furniture department to find my wife and she found one feather topper which she liked.
    I was told by “a sales person” that there was no stock but it would come in soon.
    After waiting one week I called IKANO HN and was informed there was still no stock.
    When I called the other Harvey Norman in the AEON building they actually told me that they would send one King size feather topper to IKANO. I would be able to pick it up that same Saturday. (I was so happy)
    I live in Bentong close to Raub, so a trip to KL is a long drive down.
    Saturday I drove down to IKANO and was told by Mr Mohm. Firdaus (Sales Consultant) that there was no way AEON would send it. There was no stock.
    (I have tried to find out who it was at AEON that told the topper would be there but everybody there seem to have amnesia)
    No need to say that I was distressed again….
    Mr Firdaus said I was to give a deposit first and then they would order.
    I gave 100 RM deposit and the topper was ordered. That was January 31.
    After receiving a call that the topper had arrived we drove again to IKANO to pick it up.
    On February 6, Mr Firdaus came with the topper enclosed in Plastic.
    I asked him specifically if he had checked the topper.
    He told me not to worry that he personally had opened the item and checked it.
    There was no need to open the plastic as it was hard to get it back inside, that what I was told.
    Trusting this Sales Consultant (As his card indicates) I took the item home.
    At home we opened up the topper and a foul smell filled my bedroom within minutes. I was so bad that my younger daughter almost had to vomit.
    The topper also had a burn mark on it.
    I immediately called to Mr Firdaus who became arrogant in his answers and to why I was upset.
    He was just plain rude.
    I felt like I was committing a crime. I did not appreciate that call at al.
    I then asked for a Manager.
    Simply speaking, I was told, that in the weekend there was NEVER A MANAGER PRESENT !
    When I asked around I finally spoke to Dariel Kong. (Bedding supervisor)
    At that time I simply wanted a refund, my trust in Harvey Norman was totally gone.
    Mr Dariel said if came the next day I would get a refund.
    As I Arrived on Saturday February 7, Mr Dariel came to see me.
    I showed them the topper and asked them to smell it. They all agreed it smelled very bad.
    He there and then explained that the feather topper would normally smell like that and that the procedure was to air it out before you use it. (!!?!??)
    I was shocked ……
    That is when I actually questioned the capability of your Sales Consultants.
    Neither Mr Firdaus of even Mr Darian told me to air the topper at any time when the product was sold or even the evening before when I reported the foul smell.
    I asked Mr Darian why he did not inform me yesterday evening on the phone and got no reply.
    I confronted Mr Firdaus (Who should not even be a Sales Person) directly about it and he said he forgot to inform me.
    Then came the moment of truth.
    I was refunded only RM799, the RM100 that I gave as a deposit I have to wait another 4 weeks before I can get it. (Hopefully)

    So sorry, but whomever I meet I will tell about my fantastic experience with Harvey Norman first hand.
    I cannot accept this “service” at all.

    I’m curious to find out what you, as a General Manager, can reply to me.
    All documents are in my possession. Originals in the store.

    My 4 trips to IKANO will not be forgotten easily.

    Nikolas Cassimon

  • Ol
      9th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    so my complain is that harvey norman was a big name but wothout resources i have leftr my laptop there to repair and everytime i go there they told me next week next week .They just think that people dont have things to do. So the only thing they says its that am really sorry you have to wait but .We cant wait if we have things to do that they block us so am thats not there problem if you loss your job because i need my laptop to work Because a Dj cant work without his laptop it like we give a car without a key so

  • Je
      23rd of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

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  • Jm
      28th of Mar, 2010
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    Bought an Accer computer bundle from lismore Harvey Norman store, 1 speaker didnt work, they are very basic cheap 20_30 $ value decided to take back to Harvey Norman Jan they rang Accer yes speakers will arive 5 working days direct to my house, they kept speakers, which they tested by the way. At least a month later after calling H.N couple times plus going in 30km drive no one knows anything, told to call Accer direct...couldnt get through so used the web adress the phone message kept telling me to do, mind you they will get back in 4 working hours. Two wks later they email what are the numbers so sent the same numbers they already have yesterday, 4 working hours they will get back to me, after 6 working hours today I rang them, No record of my complaint is found but will send speakers straight out, but I have to go back to H.N find my broken speakers and send back (no cost)!!! to them every time I spoke to somone I was asked if I tested the speakers on another computer. So still waiting for my speakers 2 months after I first took them back, why couldnt H.N just give me another set that day ? and save every one money and hassle it would have been cheaper and easier to buy new ones...

  • Be
      16th of May, 2010
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  • Au
      19th of Jun, 2010
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    We had an experieince with Harvey Norman Goulburn NSW, whereby we put an airconditioner on layby, the cost being $539.00, we put down a deposit of $200.00. After a couple of months we decided to pick it up, so I went into the store on a Saturday, with my money to pay the remainder of the unit off. There were virtually no customers the salesman even commented how quiet it was. I gave him my reciept and he took it, processed it and gave it back to me saying 'proceed to the loading dock and they will give you the unit'. I thought it strange that he had not asked for the remainder of the money but proceeded as i thought they might take it from me at the loading dock. When I got to the loading dock, i rang the bell and waited and waited for someone. Finally a guy came out and had the unit with him, and loaded it into the back of my car. I never said anything, and he never said anything, he certainly never asked for the money I owed. So i went home with the unit. I told my husband what happened and he didnt say very much. I tried to set up the unit and there were parts missing so then I had to go back to the shop and ask them for the missing parts. They STILL never asked for the outstanding monies. So I went home and we set up the unit. It was going to be given to someone else anyways but we wanted to make sure it worked. Well after a month or so a letter arrived in the mail stating that they had just noticed that the balance had not been paid. We were not going to be pressured to pay for something that THEY did, and if their sales people cannot operate effectively, its not our problem. Anyway the Manager a Cherie Stanton started to harrass my husband over the phone repeatedly, so I wrote to her explaining what had happened and they we should not be held responsible for her staff not doing their job! After another 3 or 4 weeks she sends a registered letter stating that the unit had not been paid for. So my husband got very cross, rang her, demanded that we get back our original $200.00 deposit and that they could have their unit back but we were not paying a cent for it. Initially she said 'no' that they dont do that, and he said 'too bad, I want my money back', and guess what, she did. He told her that it was harrassment to call him so many times, and incredibly unprofessional. She backed off when he fronted up to the shop with the unit and then proceeded to call him 'darl' which is again incredibly unprofessional. We will NEVER shop in a Harvey Norman again, and we will tell as many people as we can, to not shop there as well. The really are cowboys!

  • Be
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    I bought an accessories pack for an ipod at Harvey Normans Hervey bay approx 2 wks ago, They sell them for $59.95 and gave me a discount to $54 at the time i thought this was a little pricy but purchased it anyway. Last night while shopping at big w i found the exact item for $7.48 their everyday price and Leading edge electronics have them for $20. When i rang the local store i spoke to the manager and was told that that was the RRP and that they have there 7 day policy and because it was now 2 weeks they wouldnt do anything to help me with the price difference. How can a store justify a price 8 times more than Big W when they are both large companies. Not happy and will deffinately not be shopping there again. Maybe i should contact the company who made the product and check with them about the RRP

  • Ve
      8th of Aug, 2010
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    we just bought a whirlppol washer and dryer from HN Hoppers Crossing. NOT a sensor as we were told, NOT made in Aus as we were told. Terrible service, doesnt know her goods. didnt advise us of the FREE year supply of Omo being offered when buying whilrpool goods. NONE of the staff knew the truth abouth the dryer, we had to go to whirlpool and on line appliances to get this info. we were finally offered an extra yr on warranty as recompense.

  • Ve
      8th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    sorry poor typing i cut my finger (above)

  • Ke
      2nd of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Very Cross, (more very found out that your a thief)

    What kind of moran are you . sorry should say thief
    you took goods by false pretences
    never once asking do i owe you money. The sales guy could have been new. And just a genuine mistake made. And I bet when the store did a stocktake then and only then did they realise a mistake was done.
    Of course the manager was right to call you repeatedly and your answer was to say F you to them. They were professional to give you every opertunity to pay for goods you stole (and you admited you knew you were stealing at the time) your a [censor] .
    and then say that you will never shop there again
    Hell man you are a conman who found that when the law was on Harveys side you brought the goods back.
    parts missing my [censor]
    your brian cells are missing if you think this is a genuine complaint.
    We dont live in a Robin Hood world you are not stealing to feed the poor except stealing period.

  • Fl
      13th of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @kerrycastleman I agree. Harvey Norman should have taken them to court. She admits in her complaint that she knew she had not paid and thought she would be dishonest and try and get away with it. How can people think like that? What a [censor]. And what is worse, she is so stupid she does not get it.

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