Hartselle Urgent CareOffice Staff and Nurses

To whom it may concern,
I took my daughter to Hartselle Urgent Care (HUC) on a Friday night (1/30/2015) around 5:30. Dr. Yeager was there...he was great, terrific, super! He said he believed it was her Gallbladder that was the problem. He wasn't sure if she had stones or it would need to be removed. He told us that Monday (2/2/2015) someone from HUC would be calling with a day and time for an ultrasound. My daughter contacted HUC- Monday afternoon, because we had not heard anything from them. The office staff said they, the nurses, did not have time to call anyone to get her appointment. They would call in the AM (Tuesday - 02/03/2015) because we had not heard from HUC my daughter contacted them around 12:30. They were rude, hateful and really didn't care. They stated, again, that they didn't have time to call for an appointment. They would probably get to it tomorrow. I called around 1:15. I asked for an Office Manager, Heather stated that there wasn't one there, and wasn’t going to be one. I asked to speak to a Doctor or Nurse. She said NO they are busy seeing patients. I understand that. I asked if one could call me back she said they were too busy. I stated that I was a little upset and that I wanted someone to make that ultra sound appointment and call me back before 4:30 or on my way home I would stop by. I gave Heather my name and my Cell number. I am very upset! Neither I nor my daughter should have been talked to like that. It is 4:00 on Tuesday 2/3/2015 and they have finally contacted my daughter with information on her ultra sound appointment. My daughter called the hospital to make sure what entrance she would need to go to and the nurse there was so polite and was sorry she was not feeling very well! I think that is wonderful. I suggest that the Doctors at Hartselle Urgent Care look into their office staff. (Just my suggestion) If I hear of someone is sick or just not feeling well I am going to tell them my story and strongly suggest them to drive the extra 10 miles to Decatur. My daughter has already posted on Facebook what has happened and suggested that NO one go to Hartselle Urgent Care. WE will never go there again!
PS.. My Daughter is 22 years old…and in some pain. This is why I stepped in. Our children will always be our children no matter how old.

Feb 03, 2015

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