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1 Sydney, New South Wales, AU Review updated:

Harry Michaels of Sydney Australia who is an OAM holder also was charged with sexual assault in 1984.It is shocking the Australian Government allows such a person to be an OAM holder.

We should expose him for this terrible sexist, anti-female act. It is a direct reproduction of an article from the sydney morning herald from 1 September 1984. It has been buried in the internet, so people are not able to find it. But the truth must come out.

We must support women. How does an OAM holder even become OAM when they have been charged with sexual assault?

hmmm, corruption?Yes, corruption

Harry Michaels

Nov 27, 2016

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  • Ch
      Nov 30, 2016

    ^ Fake post, as with others.

    This page, along with all others posted are part of a malicious online hate campaign against Mr. Michaels. Mr. Michaels is an OAM for a reason and anyone that knows him, knows his generosity and commitment to helping others.

    This report, as with others, should be taken with a grain of salt.

    As for the perpetrator, the content is a true depiction of his or her nature and how rather than face a situation head on, they cower behind the internet and write fake posts.

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  • Jt
      Jan 16, 2019

    Harry Michaels is the Harvey Weinstein of Australia. People that really know him, know that he is a narcissist masonic who can get away with any crime whether its rape, fraud or tax evasion and is protected by powerful people with the same inclinations. He is a fake character who will one day be outed like Weinstein and all will be revealed. This man is truly evil.

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