Harris Hospital Fort Worth Texas / lose

I will start with my mother. She was taken to Harris Hospital. We ask for her to be transfered to another hospital they would not do it. She died. My brother-in-law cut his foot really bad and was taken to Harris Hospital. When his insurance run out Harris told his wife he had to leave. The doctor said he needed hospital care are he could lose his foot. She had to take him home and hope for the best. His foot is still not right. My sister was taken to Harris Hospital to have knee surgery. The room was not cleaned for 5 days. She could not get out of bed without help. They would not help her and would put her food on a table she could not get to. She could not get up so she had wet on herself. We had to take her home before it was time. Now" My son had to go to the hospital. They took him to Harris Hospital. We ask that he be transfered to another hospital. Harris hospital would not. We told them we would pay Care Flight to fly him. Harris said no. My son was a disabled VET. we ask for him to go to the VA hospital and Harris would not let him. After surgery they put him in ICU with no hospital staff around. I watched him die because I could not get him help. It took them 10 min. just to get to his room. After his death I learn they gave him the wrong blood type. Harris is just for the money. If you really love your loved ones don't take them to Harris Hospital.

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