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Harr / Don't buy from them

1 112 Gold Star Blvd.Worcester, MA, United States Review updated:
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I need to warn anyone out there shopping for a vehicle in these times of economic woes.

I had an excellent credit history until about a year ago when things got bad in my life and my credit went down the tubes.

My family also expanded at the same time and I needed to get out of my 4 door sedan and into a minivan.

Due to the problems with my credit I was not able to find a bank or traditional finance company to provide me with a loan.

I did some searching online and found what appeared to be a promising solution, Blue Skies Credit.

I put my info and they hooked me up with a dealer in my area that could "help me"

I was pointed in the direction to Harr Ford. There I met with a finance manager who assured me that this plan would help me with my credit.

I was appoved for a loan at 21% (gasp, I know) and was told that they had 1 vehicle that met the criteria of this program, a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan.

I test drove the vehicle and it ran fine and even with the fact that it had 99, 600 miles on it everything seemed well. He even advised that I would have a full warrenty on the vehicle for the life of the loan thru Wynn's Extended Care (Don't trust these people either, just google complaints with them)

I drove it off the lot within a couple of days for a payment of $322/ month for the next 3 years. That was November of 2007, No later then 6 months later I

am driving down the street and boom, my van stalls for no reason, no check engine lite, nothing.

I take it back to Harr and was told it was low on oil, strange enough I just had the scheduled oil change just under 3k miles ago. So I have them do the normal oil change stuff and pay the $19 and out the door I went. Two weeks later I am driving down the street again and boom the vehicle just shuts off and no chance of movement, the engine would not turn over, nothing! I called a tow truck and the tow driver told me there was too much oil in the vehicle now.

It was then flat bedded to Harr so I could find out what the heck they did to my van.

I told them that I had just purchased the vehicle from them in November (6 months earlier) and had only placed 6k miles on it (as 2 oil changes had been performed) The mileage at this time was 106955 and wanted to know why the engine would not turn on. I was told they would have to diagnos the problem and since I did not have a warrenty it would cost me...; I stopped him right there, I said I was told I had to purchase a warrenty and have all the paper work for it right in the van.

I showed it to him and he said Oh. Now I was told that they would contact me once they contact the warrenty place to see if this was "covered". Being a family of 5 I needed transportation. I asked if I could have a loaner car and he said "We don't have loaner cars" even though I could see the LOANER CAR clipboard hanging behind him on the wall. When I questioned him on this he told me that it was only for people who bought Ford's... So I left the van and went to Enterprise to rent a comprable vehicle. My van ended up staying at Harr for 2 weeks due to the fact that it needed a new engine!! A new engine on a vehicle I just purchased 6 months ago, are you kidding me?!?!?! But I was not worried, since my warrenty covered it. Or so I thought. I was then called (after several calls to Harr to find out what was happening with the vehicle) and told that I would most likely have to pay something out of pocket along the lines of 250-300 dollars due to the warrenty not covering all the labor. I said fine just when do I get the van back. I was told Friday then Monday finally on Wednesday I called and said this is out of control what is going on. I was told I could come pick up the van and it was going to be $1k. I flipped out, and said no I was told no more then $300. I finally got the manager to agree to what was said and went down to get my 6 month old van "with full warrenty" $300 in the hole and $500 in the hole for a rental vehicle for 2 weeks. I get the van back and drive away. The next day the van starts making a loud screaching sound. I call and they told me it's due to the new belts they put on. So I continue to drive the van and 1 week after that the belt falls off while I'm in a parking lot! Now the thing is even louder. Also the right rear sounds like it has no shocks or absorbers as everytime I go over a bump I hear a large thud. The left front is also making a ticking noise.

After I have sunk over $800 into this 6 month old van I am now behind on my payment to Credit Acceptance. I used my little savings I had to fix a van that should never had broke in the first place. I feel as though Harr discriminated against me due to my poor credit. They sold me a vehicle that was in poor condition and did nothing to try and correct it. Now I'm stuck with a van that does not run and is not safe for my family to be in and my credit is ruined further then before.




If you do you will be in the same hole I am in!!!

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  • Ka
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    i too was taken in by harr they are terrible i went there with poor credit and was shown a car that had no front and banged up in the back they gave me two other cars to look at that were worse than the one i first saw they told me that i didnt need a down payment when i got there they wanted me to give them 2 thousand dollars down on a 1999 car that had a 142 thousand miles on it please save your money and find a good car dealer that will treat you with respect and dignity know one knows our troubles but its not fair to be judged by harr and they will judge you

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