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I purchased a new 2007 Softail Standard last year. Since than I have been using the motorcycle without major issues. The first warranty revision came up last month with 1.600 km and I took the motorcycle on Dec 15, 2007 to the dealer in Rio de Janeiro where was purchased. I took the opportunity to ask for the installation of new mufflers plus a race tunner and a high flow kit recommended by the dealer. I purchased the parts at one of the Harley Davidson stores in the United States using the part numbers given to me by the dealer in Brazil. According to the dealer in Brazil they can not adjust the motorcycle because they need a new software from the United States. I have not received any of these information in writing. The dealer just call me on the phone with no writing communication.

I decided than to contact Harley in the United States. First, there is no e-mail available for that. So, I found the phone number. I called and spoke with the customer service representative that requested me a lot of information as VIN number, dealer name, address, part numbers of the CD, software used by the dealer etc... I think I sent all the information requested and now I have no news from the dealer in Rio or either from the factory in the United States. What is the problem??? Is this the typical sales support for the Harley owners? This is my second Harley and I am not sure I will have a third one.

Today Friday, I called customer care again USA and nothing. The person the spoke with me on the phone said to wait that someone will contact me... So, I called the dealer in Rio de Janeiro and nobody returned my call. It is just one more weekend without a R$ 47.000,00 (US$ 26.000) toy. This is how much this model of motorcycle cost in Brazil for this poor support...

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  • Ga
      7th of Mar, 2008

    My brother,
    You are up against a brick wall. First of all you are dealing with some Harley dealer out of the USA! The second thing is this guy in Rio may or may not have the knowledge to take care of your final over tune job thats needed after the change up you are wanting to make. I go off that gut instenct feeeling as where you may be different. My next question would be why dont you have the updated software needed for my fuel/air mixture adjustment if you are a reputable Harley dealer? This is March 08! This dealer being in Rio is a big bad thing cause even if Willie Davidson himself called down there all Willie could do is try and get the guy to resolve the problem for you and if this does not take care of it for you whats Willie gonna do? Threaten him on pulling the dealership support? Sounds like you are really fustrated and I cant say I blame you. Service after the sale is a big thing to try and get right here in the USA ---let alone in RIO.
    Best of Luck my brother

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  • Ka
      9th of Jun, 2008

    I purchased a 2008 road king classic in december its been in the service shop 5 times for faulty parts i had a vacation planned for this weekend now its back in the shop so now i have to cancel my ride because of another faulty part that they said they cant get in until the 20th of june i have al0t of m0ney invested 4 this bike to b broke down as much as it is.

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  • Da
      10th of Jun, 2008

    First of all, I got tired of Harley telling me they were not responsible for their dealers. Ie. someone at Grarrets Harley in Maryland took one a head bold bridge off my bike and put on a used rusty one.

    Bought a 2003 sporty for my wife for our 20th anniversery.Could not get it in netural from day one. After 5 harley shops Daytona, Virginia and 2 Adamac dearlers in Jax fl..( where the gas tank got scrathed). I sued Harley and settled out of court for attorneys fees and chump change. No lemon law on bikes in Fla. I took it to Florida custom Cycles and after 3 days was called and told all that he did to fix it was to remove and clean clutch basket and set everything to spec. Oh, and he told me I owed him 85.00 for fixing it. Almost two years of hell and wife had not rode it much at all. I sold it! I still ride Harley. Now I buy all my bikes from Daytona Harley but have everything done at Florida Custom Cycles.Sadly enough I dont feel that there are enough qualified mechanics out there because they have to beat the book to make money. I will ride nothing but a Harley. Remember the people like you and I build them at the factory. They own a peice of the company. But like our goverment its out of our hands and they dont care about you and me, just corporate dollars.

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  • Pa
      9th of Jul, 2008

    I have been waiting for a part that was ordered 3 weeks ago, it is warrenty work.

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  • De
      22nd of Jul, 2008

    Oakdale, New york Harley Davidson, six days to replace an inner primary bearing, while i'm on vacation from florida, Did i mention it took SIX days, and then to tell me they, under no circumstances, clean bikes, then to add insult to injury, i get called at noon on saturday, and when i finally get a ride, there cridit card mashine, broke down and they would be on the phone to get it right, i had to borrow money to pay in cash or sit there until they got there ### together, let's not even bring up the fact, that when it comes to a tire change, and on the board it says tire change and balanceing $95. and then you get your bill and it's $142.50 and you ask why??? and then your told OH< That's for the fromt wheel, back wheels are more, but i said, it doesn't say that, and the manager Johnny, steps out and wipes all the prices off and says well that takes care of that, OH GOOD, now you can charge what ever you want, if i broke down in front of that place, i would pay any thing to have it taken some where else, they need help,

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  • Gi
      23rd of Jul, 2008

    I have a 1982 flh and I have the best mechanic when he says that the problem (that's the actual problem) he was born on a harley he is the best and he learned from the best i feel for you's guys. The only problem is he lives in Chateauguay quebec.
    Good luck my brothers.

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  • Bi
      24th of Jul, 2008

    Harley builds a beautiful bike but their customer service is very poor. If you have a major problem with your bike on the road just rent a truck or call someone to come get you with a trailer, you will get NO HELP from a Harley dealer. I have owned two Harleys one was in an accident after I gave it to my son. The dealer told me the frame was ovaled out at the neck where the front forks mount. They priced repairs with replacement of the frame, when I finally got the bike back 10 months later, the cost of repair was the same, but they told me they did not need to replace the frame. I took it to a private shop and they would not let me ride it out of there unless I signed an affidavit saying they are not responsible. Thats how bad it was, someome could have been killed on this bike. The new one I bought prior to all this broke down on the first trip. It was a stator that needed replacement. This took most of my vacation 6 days total. I was not reimbursed for any extra costs because of this. Recently I got into some chip seal road work and it tore up my belt pretty good. The dealer just told me he was to busy if I could leave it for a week or so he could get to it. I was just forced to take my chances and ride home. Last month on a trip it started making engine noise the dealer I stopped at then did not even have time to come out and listen to it. I called my wife and she came and got me with a trailer. I probably will not be buying a new Harley.

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  • Xa
      26th of Jul, 2008

    The race tuner should come with the software (DVD) to fine tune the ECM on a dyno. The race tuner needs to be calibrated on a DYNO. Maybe your dealer is an idiot... try another.

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  • Sc
      28th of Jul, 2008

    I would like to know why Harley Davidson never offers "any" recalls with known problems. Everyone I know has the moister in the speedometer and fuel gauge problem . Any bike magizine will talk about the twin cam chain tensoners that wear out between 15000 and 20000 miles and if not changed will cause sevre damage. Come on Harley Davidson we buy $ 20000 motorcycles and help a "American company stay alive how about offering us the support we desevre. Thanks all safe rides for all .

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  • Ch
      20th of Aug, 2008

    I can only assume there may be a world wide problem with HD. I purchased a new FXDX from Salamanca Garage, Marbella, Spain in July. When I collected the bike in July I was told to phone them when there was 1500kms on the clock to inform them that the first 1600km service was due. I had 1500km on the clock a week ago and phoned them. They said their mechanic would phone me back immediately. He phoned me today and told me he could not fit in the service until 9 September 2008, nearly three weeks hence. There was no possiblity of reasoning with this mechanic even though I speak excellent Spanish.

    I guess the guy is going on holiday himself, so doesn´t give a ### and the dealer has no stand in.

    I have planned a tour of Spain, booked time off work, and now I´m told I cannot use the bike for three weeks.

    They talk about"Jap Crap" but I wish I had kept my Bandit 1200. It cost a third of the price, nevr let me down, and could get it serviced at a day´s notice.

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