harkerdmom17 / female yorkie

I was looking for a smile teacup size female Yorkshire Terrier. I got on your website and have been searching your website for almost two years to find the right puppy for me. I saw an ad by the above-named woman and she told me she had one female and one male left each were $1, 000. We talk back and forth by text and by phone. I have it in my text messages where she shows me the United Kennel clubs website and states to me that these puppies are registered with the United Kennel Club. She did not want me to meet at her home which is supposed to be in Kinston North Carolina. She asked that we meet her in the Target parking lot at Goldsboro North Carolina. When she called and said she was there I was in the Target parking lot my brother and my best friend were also in the parking lot watching this. As I walked out of the store she had the puppy in her hands and I walked to her she handed me the puppy really quickly she pulled out the paper out of an envelope and grab the cash and $1, 000 in $20 bills. I asked her she started to get in the car I asked her aren't you going to count that money she continue to leave I did not get a receipt from her she spent off with $1, 000 and I found out my dog is not registered with the United Kennel Club the AKC or the CKC none at all it is called the universal Kennel Club International that is not a recognized dog registry. Especially for breeding purposes which is what I purchased her for. I called the woman's name that's listed as the breeder on this report she told me that the girl came and purchased and male and a female puppy and paid $400 each for them then she posted this scrupulous ad on your website in order to stoker people out of money. Not only is this dog not registered as it was supposed to be I paid $1, 000 she spent off with my money without any receipt or anything she got jumped in her car and took off we didn't have time to do anything. Now she refuses to return my calls or my messages she does nothing to make this right. So as of right now I don't even know if I have a full-blooded Yorkie 9 lb at 8 weeks old that is not going to be a teacup size Yorkie. She's got other dogs listed on your website right now that should come down because that's the way this girl she goes and buys cheap animals from people then she turns around and sells them like they're the real thing for big money And she is cheating people like myself out of a lot of money not to mention the heartache involved. She is most definitely a scammer doing misrepresentation and fraud. Please remove her from being able to sell animals on your website.

Jul 26, 2018

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