Hardy Steel Company Limited / Stay away

1 United States

I got a strange and suspicious job offer from Manfred Distel of Hardy Steel Company. After we exchanged 3 e-mails and my sending him my CV and diploma scan he already offered me a 2-year contract to be signed as soon as possible. I've checked this company at the British Companies House - it does not exist. Their adress and phone numbers are also a fake. Also, take a look at the e-mail (@yahoo!!!) EVERYBODY WATCH OUT AND STAY AWAY!!! This could be fraud or even worse, human traffic. These are the two e-mails. What do you all think about it?

"I am Mr. Manfred Distel, Ceo of hardy steel company limited located in
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

Hardy Steel company Limited was founded on 20th April 2009. The
company is positioned to be one of the largest distributors of a full
range Steel products in the country. Our main website is currently
under construction but you can get more information about us at our
demonstration/mini website,

The company is seeking a Russian or Ukrainian to English translator
who is willing to relocate next month to United Kingdom for two years

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