Happy Family Day, get away from the bus. / Discrimination/Racism

1 London, ON, Canada

Today, My jaw dropped when I watched a Greyhound Canada employee, working at the London Ontario location on February 16th, 2015 (Family Day), refuse acces onto a bus.

I arrived later then usual and was one of the last people in line, 8:30 pm departure time. As the line shortened I noticed an Indian couple being pulled aside. The Greyhound employee informed the man that his luggage needed to be weighed inside. This seemed really out of the ordinary to me, I quickly looked around to see if anyone else had been asked to do the same thing. My assumptions were correct and no one else was asked to go weigh their luggage, even the Caucasian man ahead of me in line with an even bigger piece of luggage. As the couple walked inside, I watched the same employee take the Caucasian mans luggage and place it underneath the bus. Please note; there was more then enough room for luggage and the bus wasn't full.

When I asked the Greyhound employee why he didnt make the Caucasian man weigh his luggage, I was ignored and somewhat ostersized. I started to feel very uncomfortable talking to him and I was worried he wouldn't let me on the bus too.

As I sit on the bus and write this, the Indian couple is not here.

As a young person growing up in a free country, I cannot continue to use Greyhound Canada's services. Doing nothing is the same as doing everything and ignorance is bliss for a lot of Greyhound employees.

I hope that in the future, another bus service is available.
A service I can feel safe paying for and supporting.

Until then, I will take VIA.

Feb 16, 2015

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