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Happy Bend Kennel

Posted: Aug 13, 2017 by    

native american indian dog/gsd puppy

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My husband and I were looking for a puppy to fit both of our needs, mine being that it had to be hypoallergenic and that we wanted the puppy to become a service dog. My husband is a disabled veteran (who is unable to work) and would greatly benefit from a service dog. We researched a lot of breeds, particularly the Native American Indian Dog. We chose Happy Bend Kennels and the owner/breeder, Clint Little. He said he'd give a discount on the account of the puppy being much older, the last one left from her litter and for my husband being military... This never happened, but so badly wanted the puppy anyway (fell in love with her pictures). We notarized a contract saying we would pay $1500, but on the breeder's way to see us he comes up with a $150 taxes, so we ended up paying $1650 for a puppy that was already 15 weeks of age instead of a the normal 8-10 weeks. When the breeder brought the puppy to us, she was a nervous wreck... ran crying into the breeder's arms because a tiny kitten ran into the room and scared the 30lb puppy. I just shrugged it off as she was new to her environment, but this behavior never changed. She refused to go into the wooden fenced backyard if a neighbor was outside and would cry until she was let in, even with us standing outside with her. She was scared of everything and everyone. She had obviously never been socialized before we got her. She had never had a collar or leash on her even at 4 months old. Housetraining at this age was harder because she had adjusted to being left outside to go when and where she pleasesd.

While this breeder was at our house, Clint, himself, was speaking about some of his clients and how horrible they were at training his dogs then laughing about it and making fun of the 'liberals' that bought his dogs.

Unfortunately, 10 days after purchasing the puppy, we received devastating news that my husband was going to go under intense inpatient treatment stay at the VA that might require an eventual surgery. Knowing he would not be home enough even after the stay, or physically able to give this cute ball of fluff the attention that she needs and I work 8-10 hours a day and frequently go out of town so the heartbreaking decision was made to call the breeder.

The breeder took full advantage of our unexpected crisis with my husband's health problems, took our $1650 puppy, all her belongs, including a $100 bed, and vitamins and gave us a lowly $200 that doesn't even cover part of her belongings. He promised to return at least half or as much of the money as he could, of course, that never happened. Even his full grown 4-5 year old adult dogs he sells for $300 +.

We are not only heartbroken over our loss of our puppy as we wanted for her to be a part of our family and a lifetime companion, but now we are having to endure the my husband's demanding treatments at the VA. We've had to deal with the fact we just donated $2000 for someone else to have a puppy and all her stuff (as the breeder posted on youTube that she will be re-homed to Colorado). I didn't realize we were a charity, paying expensive puppies for other people to have.

Clint, taking money from a disabled Army veteran and his family while they are going through a difficult time is disguising and dishonorable. Thank you for adding to that difficult time and making it so much worse. He sells these dogs is just like any breeder... only in it for the money, has absolutely no conscious as he's willing to rip money off a disabled veteran who can not work because of his injuries fighting for our country by deploying to war twice.

Being that Clint has 2-3 litters of puppies at a time averaging 7-9 puppies each and selling them for $2000 + (depending on where he is delivering them to), he certainly has the money to reimburse us especially after only having the puppy for 10 days.

Clint has now been spreading lies for his heard of sheep (others who bought a puppy from him) to attack us.

While having our puppy, my husband called in questions of things that most people on his FB page group were questioning about as well. Normal dietary needs, as we were new to the raw diet (required by his contract) like most everyone else. He encourages these calls. So these weren't "simple things." Our puppy was our baby and wanted to make sure we were doing right by her. But apparently this translates into me being "incapable of handling a puppy." Way to spew hate on a veteran, Clint. No conscious whatsoever there.

He ignored our phone calls to find out how our puppy was re adjusting at the kennel. He got the money and a puppy so he could care less about hurting the people involved.

I posted a review of this matter on yelp and google, where previously the kennel had none. I guess then Clint decided to rally all his people/ sheep who claim to have great experiences all the sudden decide to make comments and personal calls against my husband and I.

Please beware to all those who are considering purchasing a puppy from this greedy man. He may breed beautiful dogs, but he has an ugly soul.
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D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +2 Votes
This lady has been hitting all the sites because she purchased a puppy that she could not care for and blames the breeder for her poor judgement. She is also very upset that there are so many happy customers that have had such a great experience with Clint and his wife and are willing to write reviews praising Clint and his wonderful dogs. You will not find a better man who honestly loves his dogs and tries to find the right homes for them. Unfortunately this lady and her husband were unable to care for the puppy.They wanted a refund even after signing a contract which states NO Refund. A child would be able to understand the contract. She is using her husbands disability to gain sympathy which is sad to us who also care for a disabled vet. She needs to just own up to the fact that her and her husband are unable to care for any animal and think before they commit to a living breathing puppy. Very sad.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@Pathman Pathman: Poor judgement and unexpected life circumstances are two completely different things. Poor judgement would have been my husband and I trying to keep the puppy while he was hospitalized and at the VA 24/7 while I worked and went to the VA, leaving the puppy alone all the time. I would’ve given anything to keep our puppy. I would have never bought a 16 + year commitment had I thought for a second that we ultimately would have to give her up. She was well loved and spoiled by us and our family. Our vet, neighbors, family, or anybody that saw us with our puppy can testify to that. I cried for days after having to give her back to Clint, so don’t presume to know me or my life. I’m not using my husband’s disability for any type of excuse...how horrible of you to even say that! Half of the point of us buying this particular puppy was for her to become his service dog (which Clint knew upfront) and with her timid and scared personality; the veterinarian who was going to do her service dog certification training said that she would not make a good candidate. She hid behind me if anybody entered the house or tried to approach her. If you do your research, you will find that Clint’s breeding stock comes from Majestic Views Kennels and one of the biggest complaints of that Kennel is that dogs from there have these skittish and timid personalities that has costs their owners a lot of money in training to even attempt to bring the dog out of its shell. Maybe all our puppy needed was another companion dog since she all her litter-mates had left her by herself 7 weeks or so prior to us receiving her.
I have had dogs most of my life, cats, fish, and an iguana even. I have fostered and trained all breeds of dogs (mostly larger breeds), all different ages so don’t tell me that I am unable to care for any animal. I’m honestly glad that others have not had the difficult situation I was put into. I find it ironic that all these Happy Bend Kennel puppy owners had never commented or left a positive review until I wrote mine. I wouldn’t be expecting a refund either, had Clint, himself not promised to get us at least half of our money back. I, unfortunately, hold people to their promises and take them for their word.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Alicia Evans You had your puppy for 10 days. I slept on the floor with Freya for two weeks to make her feel loved and safe when she was dropped off to our family. Having a dog for a week and a half is NOT a fair indication of their personality. Freya was shy and quiet when we first got her and at six months old she is literally the life of our home now! She is active, engaging, goofy and energetic. You didn't give your puppy an opportunity to get to know your family and relax into her role. One visit to the veterinarian when a dog is 14 weeks old isn't going to tell you what their overall personality is.

Clint ALSO holds people to their promise and their word. He had you sign a contract stating if you ever couldn't take care of the dog you would let him know so that he could rehome the dog and make sure she was cared for. The contract also stated no refunds. Period. He drove out there himself to pick up the puppy. If he was the greedy breeder that you pretend he is than he would never have taken the time and energy to go pick her up and try to find her a home. I remember the posts he put up about this poor little puppy saying how a nice family had gotten her but inevitably weren't able to take care of her because of health issues. He was never accusatory, he was never harsh. All he wanted was to find another family who would love and take care of your dog.
It breaks my heart that you are trying to trash this man and his business. He has a lovely family and has committed his whole life to breeding these dogs and bringing fur babies to people across the country. Shame on you for trying to ruin his good name and his business. Reviews like this are not fair and are not a proper indication of who this man is and how he treats his dogs. I understand you are upset but is it really worth ruining his life and his business over? Him and his family are such kind people who genuinely want the best for every dog they sell. We are in the process of getting another puppy from them currently because our first experience was so incredible. I wish you would stop bashing him and realize what your words can do to a small business owner like Clint and his family.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Alicia Evans Alicia, we are caretakers of a very disabled vet but do not throw it out there every chance we get like yourself. You need to stop your hissy fit and grow up. You made a bad choice for you and your husband and want to blame Clint instead of taking the responsibility for your actions. The contract that you signed said NO REFUND. Be the better person and move on.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Kailey Hazel Kailey, my husband and I took turns sleeping next to her every night she was with us. She didn’t seem to like the bedroom at first, so we would nest down in the living room next to her. She went from the floor to the couch and cuddled with me all night. The last couple days we had her, she finally loved to be in the bedroom and in her very own bed. We just let her sleep where ever and however she was most comfortable. Don’t make assumptions on how we treated her. She was our baby and was treated like a family member as I always have with any of my fur/scaly babies. I am happy you had a great experience and were able to keep your puppy as am I truly happy for the rest of the owners having great experiences with their own fur babies despite them bashing me over my opinion and negative experience.
I trust the veterinarian’s opinion because that is what he does. He trains service dogs for veterans and others in need of one. There’s a reason not every dog can be a service dog. We still wanted our puppy despite this though.
Again, prior to us even giving her back to Clint, he made a promise of getting us at least half of what we paid back because of the unfortunate circumstance. We made the offer to drive to his kennel, by the way, we live an hour away from Clint, however Clint wanted to meet us in Little Rock since he was shopping there for deck supplies. So he didn’t “go out of his way” like everyone thinks he did.
Reviews like this are reality. Funny you say he was never harsh, but he certainly was with me over the phone. After telling me he wasn’t giving us anything back at all because we don’t really need the money because my husband and I have nicer cars than him (which I know is untrue since he posted his big 4x4 puppy delivery truck). A kind person would not make that statement.
Shame on him for not keeping promises. Kailey, I hope your experience with Clint works out as well as your first one. Too bad they all can’t go positively.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Kailey Hazel I agree and couldn't have said this better myself...
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by     Best Advice +7 Votes
This is the most ridiculous thing I have read. I don't know Alicia (thankfully), but it sounds like she wanted a puppy until she realized that raising a puppy actually takes a lot of work. My fiancée and I bought one of Clint's puppies (I guess we are "sheep") and I can't say enough good things about him and the dogs he breeds. Regardless of her false accusations, what really bothers me is her repeatedly mentioning that her husband is a disabled veteran. First, I want to say that I am grateful for his service, but her husband being a disabled veteran has absolutely nothing to do with her complaints or the claims she is making about Clint. My father is also a disabled veteran, but I don't repeatedly mention it for my own personal gain. She stated that her husband was going to go into intense inpatient treatment "that might require an eventual surgery". So EVENTUALLY he MIGHT need surgery? That is anyone who has ever had any type of injury. This is just one example of her trying to gain pity because she has buyer's remorse and didn't realize how much time and energy goes into raising a puppy.
Prior to agreeing to sell me a puppy, Clint asked me multiple times about my schedule in order to make sure I had the time needed to give my puppy a loving home. It seems she deceived Clint regarding the time and attention she could dedicate to her puppy. Otherwise, Clint NEVER would have agreed to sell her a puppy.
She also mentioned how the puppy ran crying back into the breeder's when he brought her to them. From what I've read about Alicia, I can't say I blame the puppy.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Chris Beede Chris, I am thankful I don’t know you as well, the way you speak of someone you don’t even know. I am quite aware that puppies take a lot of work. I have had many, trained many that weren’t mine including fostering. So that is a very ignorant thing for you to say without even knowing me. How exactly do you know my accusations are false? Because you say so? Because you’ve had a good experience? Again the reason I mention my husband being a disabled veteran was because part of the reason for getting this particular puppy was so he could have her as a service dog. There’s no personal gain I can get out of mentioning that fact. The Army medically retired a 30 year old soldier, and gave him a 100% disability rating, for them to do that at such a young age...he just might have some pretty serious medical problems, probably multiple ones...I guess you need a brain to figure that out though, but instead you chose to bash a veteran and question his medical issues. We never deceived Clint, but way to jump to some more conclusions. And if we had ‘deceived’ Clint, with what you say about him he should just be able to read through that since he’s some god breeder that knows everything. Again from the first conversation I had with Clint, he knew we were wanting a puppy that could be a service dog for my husband. He knew my husband was disabled and when he came to our house and sat with us for a while, we went more in depth about his disabilities. If Clint had thought this was an issue, he didn’t take the puppy and leave...why? He was more interested in getting a large sum of cash for a 4 month old puppy that had already adapted to life at his kennel.
If my husband and I are such horrible people, why would Clint chose to leave his puppy with us then text me and call me telling me how happy he was that we got this puppy? Obviously you have issues with reading, the puppy cried because a kitten walked into the room, showing how little she had been socialized at 4 months old. Chris, you are just a rude and immature without reason to make a statement that I send puppies crying from rooms.
N  19th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Alicia Evans Alicia, there is so much wrong with everything I've seen you post. Before you go saying I have issues with reading, make sure you go back and read my post. I never bashed your husband in any way, I actually thanked him for his service. I wasn't even trying to bash you, I was just pointing out how you are a miserable spoiled brat.
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +4 Votes
To anyone reading this post, BEWARE. I am the proud mom to one of Happy Bend Kennel's perfect little loves (the first dog I've ever owned), and based on my experience, most of the claims made by Alicia are severely exaggerated and/or false. From what I can tell, this is a case of buyer's remorse from a woman who clearly doesn't understand the time and energy it takes to raise a puppy.

Alicia, I'm not sure if you're aware, but puppies don't come socialized from the breeder, nor do they come house-trained. My fiancé and I took shifts sleeping on the couch for a month, getting up every other hour to let our boy out when he first came home. We also enrolled him in puppy school to socialize him, understanding fully that it was our responsibility to do so. Additionally, we NEVER left him outside alone in the yard to cry, which is what would have happened if we did. When you get a new puppy, you have to understand that he/she has just been taken from the only family he has ever known and left with complete strangers. Of course he is going to be scared at first and cry when you leave him by himself. After all, he's only a baby. This is not Clint's fault - it's the natural way, and if you put in the time in the beginning, your puppy will bond to you easily and quickly.

Furthermore, expecting a refund because you are unable to care for a dog is way out of line. I respect very much that you are a military family. I commend your husband for his service, but the fact of the matter is, you signed a contract (as all proud Happy Bend puppy parents did prior to adoption). That contract stated NO refunds if the puppy had to be placed in another home, so that's the end of that argument. Also, think about the expenses incurred by Clint/Happy Bend from having to drive back out to get the puppy and deliver her to a new home. Not to mention the time and energy it takes to find the right home for a dog. Perhaps he should be charging you a fee to re-home the dog?

Before you go placing blame on Clint, take a look in the mirror for a moment and think about who is really to blame here. It is okay that puppy parenting isn't for you. Just admit it, and leave this poor man and his family alone. They are good people trying to promote a positive, happy community of families who love their dogs, and you're raining on our parade.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@puppymomma1986 Yes, ‘puppymama’ without knowing me or my situation, you guessed it right off (sarcasm included in that statement). I have had dogs of all breeds, trained dogs of my own and others’ dogs, fostered abused dogs and cats. Raised one from 3 days old with its umbilical cord still attached, but somehow have no understanding of “the time and energy it takes to raise a puppy”. I’ve even managed to have an iguana and house-train and socialize her. So I am quite aware of all these facts despite your assumption otherwise.
We took turns sleeping next to her every night she was with us. She didn’t seem to like the bedroom at first, so we would nest down in the living room next to her. Sometimes, she loved just laying straight on the cold concrete floors or she would go to the couch and cuddle with me all night. The last couple days we had her, she finally loved to be in the bedroom and in her very own bed. We just let her sleep where ever and however she was most comfortable. She bonded with us quite well. When I’d come home, she’d beat even my husband running to greet me. I love this dog and I cried for days after Clint took her back. You will never understand or care about my despair in this because to you I said something you don’t like about someone who you think can do no wrong.
Most of you were fortunate enough to get brand new 8 week old puppies, when getting a 4 month old puppy who isn’t socialized it becomes quite a bit more difficult.
Again, I wouldn’t be expecting a refund, but prior to us even giving her back to Clint, he made a promise of getting us at least half of what we paid back because of the unfortunate circumstance. When she was physically given to him that night, he made the promise again. And also AGAIN We made the offer to drive to his kennel, by the way, we live an hour away from Clint, however Clint wanted to meet us in Little Rock since he was shopping there for deck supplies. So he didn’t “go out of his way” like everyone thinks he did.
Charging me to re-home her? Seriously? Now you are the one being ridiculous. He made a lot of money on a puppy, he admitted that he was about to take off his webpage and keep because she was the last one left of her litter and she was getting too old to sell.
It really doesn’t matter what I say on here, everyone is going to villainize me and make me out to be some horrific animal abuser who just wanted to dump a puppy and get money out of it because none of you know me or my situation and actually none of you really know Clint, unless you happen to be one of his family members.
N  17th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Alicia Evans I never said you were a "horrific animal abuser" nor did I imply it... I simply stated that you seemed unready to devote the time and energy required to raise a new puppy, which is clearly true since she is no longer under your care. Perhaps you shouldn't have agreed to take an older puppy? No one forced you to take that particular puppy. You could have waited until a younger pup became available.

I'm truly sorry that you're having trouble, but every single person on the planet has problems and varying circumstances. You are not unique in this regard. It seems you're taking your misfortunes out on Clint. It's truly not his fault that you and your husband were unable to care for the dog, regardless of the situation. He's far from a man with an "evil soul"... he's a caring person who is trying to make a living for his family doing what he loves. This is why he asks everyone to sign a contract and spends hours on the phone with each family before agreeing to let one of his pups go - because he wants to make sure his puppies go only to households ready for a major commitment. You signed that contract of your own free will, and you knew what you were agreeing to when you did so. Since you can't have your way, you're dragging his name through the mud. What you're doing is wrong. Clint doesn't deserve to have his livelihood jeopardized because you couldn't honor your end of the deal. End of story.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your husband nothing but good fortune and healing as he faces his impending medical issues. I will pray that you can find it within yourself to stop with this madness, let it go, and find some peace.
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +3 Votes
It's called a sales tax. If you wanted the puppy back so bad, just get it back. Why ask for a refund? Obviously signed a contract which stated NO REFUNDS and now looking for money back.
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +1 Votes
This breeder and his family are wonderful, loving people. Everyone who enters into a contract with Clint for one of his dogs talks to him extensively to make sure that they know how much responsibility a puppy is to make sure that both the family and dog will be happy and healthy. It breaks my heart that these people are utilizing her husband's vet status to exploit this family. I remember when they posted that they couldn't take care of the puppy and how they wanted a loving home to take her. Clint went and picked the dog up with no complaint and no antagonism. He just wanted to rehome the puppy so she would be safe and loved. There is a Facebook group with several hundred of us who own these dogs and love this breeder. My boyfriend and I are in the process of getting another puppy from Clint because we have had such positive experiences with the community from this breed and our own dog. Our dog freya is the light of our life. So beautiful and loving. This review is not a real representation of what happened and it makes me so sad that someone would go to such lengths to hurt this breeder and his family.
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +6 Votes
First, to address the "sheep" comment... Clint did not do a thing to direct me here. Someone in our Facebook group was shocked that Happy Bend only had one review and that it was a negative one. They encouraged us to post our honest reviews so that the rating was more than just one person's opinion. So I did :)

I don't want to get into a disagreement with the author, so I'm just going to stick to facts in regard to their complaint. The author states:
"We notarized a contract saying we would pay $1500, but on the breeder's way to see us he comes up with a $150 taxes, so we ended up paying $1650 for a puppy that was already 15 weeks of age instead of a the normal 8-10 weeks."

But later states:
"Being that Clint has 2-3 litters of puppies at a time averaging 7-9 puppies each and selling them for $2000 + (depending on where he is delivering them to), he certainly has the money to reimburse us especially after only having the puppy for 10 days."

This means that the author realizes that the older a puppy gets, the less money that puppy is expected to bring the breeder. Yet after keeping the puppy for more than a week (making it 16 1/2 weeks old versus 15) the author expects a full refund. This seems a bit contradictory.

Also, the second item in the sales contract specifically states "2. DEPOSIT: Purchaser agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of $450.00 by U.S. Postal Money Order. The funds shall be delivered to Seller by Priority Mail with the United States Postal Service. The balance of the purchase price is due in cash at the time of delivery. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS MAKE SURE YOU WANT THIS PUPPY. Seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of said Puppy even upon delivery."

The complaint seems to be based on the fact that the author did not get a refund for their puppy, even though they signed a contract saying they would get no refund, regardless of how long they kept the puppy. This seems unfair to Happy Bend.

Lastly, I am very curious as to the part of the complaint about the puppy's belongings. Did Clint go into their house and steal those items? It seems unlikely, or that would have been mentioned as well. If not, then why are they upset that the items were conveyed with the puppy, when they themselves provided the items to Clint?
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@ravenlady It seems like if everyone was so happy with their puppies, they would have posted comments and reviews prior to mine. If I like a restaurant so much that I want to keep them in business and let other's know about this great place, I post a review...same with my dentist or any other service I've used. And that works both ways, if I get food poisoning from a restaurant, I don't go back, and I let others know.

Where did I ever say I expected a FULL Refund? Clint promised at least 1/2 or our money back, and unfortunately I take people for their word. My bad there! But then he changes his mind after the fact because we don’t really need the money since my husband and I have nicer cars than him (his words not mine). Seems unfair for Happy Bend (Clint) to make promises he doesn't keep.

He made a lot of money on a puppy, he admitted that he was about to take off his webpage and keep because she was the last one left of her litter and she was getting too old to sell.
N  16th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Alicia Evans Clint has testimonials on his website already, it did not seem necessary before to post reviews when he has then right there on his page. We are posting them now to counter your 1 negative review. You had a bad experience and you posted about it. Fine. We will also post ours. What IS wrong though is you having your friends post negative reviews for experiences they have never had. I'm sure you made an account and wrote a review claiming to be your husband also. We can tell with certain words and phrases that keep popping up. If you believe that you should get your money back, take it up with the law. I assume you're posting these reviews because the law is not on your side and you just want to ruin his business instead.
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +2 Votes
I find it very hard to believe that after you decided that you didn't want the puppy and Clint took the time to come back and get her, that he demanded to take all of the puppy's belongs as well. Secondly, when you don't realize that a puppy has just been taken from the only home and environment that she has ever known and it is normal for her to be scared, you have the issue, not the puppy. I slept right next to my puppy for weeks when we got him. I wanted to make sure that he felt loved and secure. I also spent that time letting him out every one to two hours to potty train him. Yeah. He didn't come potty trained either but it wasn't a big shock to me because it is what I expected getting a young puppy. As far as being socialized, you expected that right off the bat too. I don't know how that was expected to happen before you got your puppy. I'm sure that she was well socialized with her litter-mates. As far as people, what is Clint supposed to do? Take each puppy out and expose it to people and different things in the environment? Actually, when a puppy is that young and has not had all of its shots, you shouldn't expose it to the outside too much until finished with the first series of shots. I waited until my pup had all of his shots and then you know what I did? I enrolled us in puppy class for socialization! Yeah, he didn't come to me potty trained and socialized. Shocking, right? Lastly, if he was just a "greedy" breeder with an "ugly soul", I really don't think that he would have taken the time to drive all the way back to pick up the puppy after you didn't want her. He obviously cares about every one of his dogs and wanted to make sure that she was re-homed to a good home. If he was so greedy, he would have kept your money and told you sorry, the dog is yours now and it's up to you to find her a new home. A breeder who would take the time and expense on his part to go back and get the puppy sure doesn't sound "greedy" and possess an "ugly soul" to me. I appreciate your husband's service to our country. Your review comes off to me as using his veteran status to gain sympathy for what was a case of buyer's remorse. I'm sorry that you had a case of buyer's remorse and did not educate yourself as to what to expect when a new puppy comes home. I have nothing but respect for Clint and Happy Bend Kennel. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. As for all of us "sheeple" writing our reviews, there are many, many more satisfied Happy Bend dog owners out here. I know after I read your review, I wasn't going to let it be the only one out there. I want people to know how wonderful my experience was (and still is) with Clint and Happy Bend. I'm sorry if it bothers you that we have all had happy, positive experiences. I speak for myself as I am sure others have. I'm sure you are finding that the positive reviews by far out number your one negative review. Sorry if that upsets you, it's simply fact.
D  14th of Aug, 2017 by    +3 Votes
I cannot believe someone who has supposedly going through a tough time has the time to write and post such crap. First of all, you signed a contract clearly stating NO REFUNDS. Then you describe a normal puppy that you clearly seem to have NO IDEA how to take care of. Thank God she left you. You seem like a monster who is trying very hard might I add, to screw a very hard working, dedicated, and loyal dog breeder just because YOU couldn't take care of it. I will not tolerate this garbage and lies about someone who has proven time and time again how well cared for, and loved his dogs and puppies are. Anyone reading this, check out ALL the countless videos on you tube and you'll see for yourself how well socialized and taken care of and loved these puppies and adult dogs are. And by the way, not that I'm verifying the crap you said about the breeder "rallying" all his buyers up, bc it's complete melarchy, but I'd rather be a sheep any day than someone evil and cruel like you, also known as a wolf in sheep's clothing!
D  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
WOW. JUST. WOW...I have never heard a more ridiculous, attention seeking story in all my life...This is just another tantrum, by someone who is not allowed to have their way. You signed a CONTRACT that clearly stated "NO REFUNDS". I am sorry for your unfortunate circumstances, but that is in no way a fault of the breeder. Not having the time, due to any circumstance (surgery, health issues, money issues etc.) is not the breeders problem, it is YOUR problem... and it is disgusting that you use the "disabled veteran" ploy to draw attention away from the fact that you breeched a contract, just because you don't have the time to give to this puppy.. You are clearly in the wrong, and I am just astonished at your cruel attempts to make life miserable for Clint when he did nothing to you. It seems to me that you were unaware of the demands that a new puppy brings, and decided that it was not for you...All of the claims you make stating that the puppy was "not socialized, or potty trained", "NEWS FLASH", that's YOUR JOB!!!...A puppy is like a child, and these things do not happen over night...it takes time, repetition, patience and love...clearly you were not prepared to provide your puppy with any of these things. I was not asked to write a review for Clint, I was compelled to write a review to let everyone know that we LOVE our pup from Happy Bend Kennel, and we LOVE Clint and all that he does for his pups. Our pup is the most uniquely beautiful, happy, loving, healthiest, smartest pup I have ever met (which seems to be the breed standard with all of Clint's pups!). You can tell how passionate Clint is about his pups, and he is not just another breeder who cares more about the money than the puppies...if he was so greedy and heartless, he wouldn't have taken the time to pick your puppy back up. I think the intention of your tantrum, was to make Clint look bad, but all it has done is make you look like a childish fool.
D  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
WOW is right. I cant believe that you fellow animal lovers can be so hateful towards another human being!!
First off. I had been looking into this breed of dog after hearing from a friend of a friend about the nature of these animals and the fact that I too have a lot of allergies. Seeing this review and the cult like behavior of other fans of Clint, I am even more hesitant to deal with this kennel.
Now secondly, I know that there is a contract in play here. So let me play devils advocate for a minute. Are there not other contracts that are broken on a daily basis? If this breeder it the darling that everyone says that he is, and all the things that you are saying about this person in her complaint are true, wouldn't you think that he would be more than glad to take the dog back and at least issue a refund to the purchaser? I know that if they are as incompetent as you all think they are and that the breeder is the saint that he is, I would think that human decency would dictate that he would retrieve the puppy and if he rehomed it, that any fees he received for the dog should be refunded to the original purchaser. Now, doesn't that sound more along the lines of someone that is just out after the almighty dollar? I don't know..it just seems to me that no matter what the reason that the dog ended back up in his possession, that he should have worked with the original purchaser.
As for the claimant talking about her spouse being a disabled vet. I don't think that is anything that anyone needs to judge another person about. I don't think that she was using it as a pity getter, I just think that she was upset that her spouse is facing this situation and that she cant believe that this whole puppy issue is something else to have to deal with. We don't know what these people are dealing with and we don't know what disability the husband is dealing with and how this affects them monetary wise as well as on a medical and psychological basis.

Last time I checked, people were entitled to their opinion and instead of asking questions y'all have gone on a personal attack. I don't know any of you but I am glad that I can across this post while researching "Happy Bend". Just the fact that most of you "loving" owners can be so mean to a person without knowing the FULL story makes me wary of the community that I would be dealing with.

My momma always told me that with any story that there is his side, her side and then somewhere in the middle you will find the truth. Don't be so quick to judge people and think about that. I will be looking into other options for a fur baby as I don't think that I would want the drama that seems to come from purchasing from this breeder.

To the original poster, I hope that you will find some happy medium with the breeder and that he will do the "right" thing and not have sold this dog twice. Even if you get a partial refund, I think that you will have learned a very valuable lesson here. Don't ever sign a contract for something that you have never seen, touched or laid hands on. As much as we all want that special fur baby in our lives, sometimes the ends just don't justify the means.

A More sympathetic Human who walks among us.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    +2 Votes
@Blewuakis WOW is right that you just became a member TODAY and was thinking of buying a dog from Clint? Give me a break. Just another BS story here. Anyone can check her profile and she became a member today which means that she is Alicia Evans under a different name or one of her friends that she ask to post on here. Why would anyone interested in buying a dog come on this site today. Sad people.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Blewuakis Lololol! Is this real life right now? Pretending not to know the original poster. Lololol none of us were born yesterday.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Pathman Yes, I'm going to give myself advice on 'signing contracts on something I haven't seen' or however the 'more sympathetic human' puts it. God forbid someone else have common sense from the outside of this group with puppies. What a bunch of paranoid delusional sheep that expect everyone to think the exact same way they do.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@Pathman Oh my Gosh people. Are you for real? Yes I made a freaking post today. Before two weeks ago I didn't see ANYTHING about this Kennel and now it is all over the Net? I think it is y'all that should give me a break.
What you all think that I was born yesterday and don't do research on things I am interested in?
I am shaking my head here because I cant believe that you would go so far as to think that I know the original poster or that I AM her.
I am not going to respond to each of your responses because frankly I don't think that anything that any of you said here is worth responding to individually.

Alicia Evans - contact me @ deb.probst@gmail.com Seems like they think I'm you so I might as well get to know you so I can get the impersonation down pat!
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Alicia Evans A notarized contract is legally binding. If you have any questions you can ask your notary.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Blewuakis Lol. Will do, Deb. Sounds like you and I would get along quite well. Very few honest and common sense people in this world. And yes I learned my lesson in a very harsh and heartbreaking manner about not taking people for their word no matter how trusting they may seem.
D  15th of Aug, 2017 by    +1 Votes
All of this nonsense is pretty comical when this is post from you thanking Clint and inviting him back into your home who invites some one with out a sole into their home makes a lot of sense! This is the day you received your puppy and not 1 complaint about age or price. Truth is you signed a contract you knew the age and price of the puppy and still moved forward purching her if you think you deserved a discount for age that should of been discussed before receiving her! It is very unfortunate that you had to rehome her but it is not clints fault and his contract says no refunds so I'm not sure why you keep this going on how "horrible" he is when he kept up his end and took the puppy back and found her a good home you are not ENTITLED to a refund. If you met him to return the puppy why would you bring all of her things if you planned on donating them. This is completely blown out of proportion! Clint is a good man and loves each and everyone of his puppy's and our family is extremely thankful for Clint and the 3 amazing dog we have!

N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Casey Gutkowski That's what I was thinking. It's not like Clint walked in, and grabbed all their things lol.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Casey Gutkowski So glad you think all of this is a joke. I never said that I wasn't happy to get the puppy. I was ecstatic, especially that day! I wouldn't have gone through with talking to Clint for hours, explaining to him my past with dogs and animals in general, about my husband, and various other things as well as purchasing all the stuff necessary for her prior to her arriving. I was overjoyed in fact, so much so I didn't really care about the price because we were going to keep her as a fur-ever home. Clint spent a good couple of hours at our home, so you think if we were such bad people as everyone is claiming, he wouldn't have left his precious puppy with us that day. Your post, therefore, has no relevance. Clint should have never made any promises (twice in fact) to get us at least 1/2 of our money back. It's not entitlement when somebody tells you they are going to give you something then decide not to.
N  15th of Aug, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Alicia Evans I never implied you were bad people but neither is Clint if you had him in your house! You were not ripped off there are no refunds! And you keep posting how he ripped you off it's untrue! $1650 I've read in your post as if the tax was also being ripped off and now you say you didn't care about the price! Why did your husband bring her belongings to give her back if you were donating them? Then if the $ wasn't a good enough slander you try to say Clints puppies are skiddish that is a lie all puppies need time to adjust and learn to trust you! These are the specific thing I find funny the continued contradiction you speak!
D  15th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
I am a business owner as well as a dog owner from Happy Bend Kennels - we couldn't be more happy and satisfied with Clint. His wife and family are amazingly dedicated, loyal, hard working folks who go above & beyond what's required of a breeder... they don't deserve to be dragged over the coals for circumstances out of his and this person's control. Trying to hold him to "owe" them anything is wrong in my opinion. Your contract is stated no refunds for a reason... if every life event and circumstance that arises in any of our lives, prohibits us from caring for our dogs as we've agreed to do, then he has every right to use that money to continue to re-home and care for that dog in the meantime or however he sees fit. Remember, breeding although frequent, isn't turning an income until dogs are old enough... all the overhead costs involved in running your own business that know one takes into consideration occur throughout the ENTIRE year, even when there aren't many sales...that is just a simple reality. Those sales must stretch him & his family throughout the entire year - when the lean months occur as well... unless we all think he and his family should work for free and don't deserve to be paid for their round the clock time and efforts... He is trying to make a living and provide for his family here too... Clint is a modest man, and not some greedy person trying to make a buck. There are breeders out there who have millionare status and charge thousands for their designer dogs and keep them caged up all day, barely fed correctly nor socialized... they are the ones who deserve this kind of accusation. CLint has invested a lot in this puppy as it is, and is entitled to be protected by his agreements - that is why it protects him from people who feel entitled in life and not face consequences to their agreements and decisions. It is very unfortunate this circumstance... also very sad... however, the bigger person here was Clint, as he was kind and caring about this couple who had un-forseen difficulties and was just trying to find a good home for this pup and never once bashed the owners or even had a sour opinion about it the situation... This blind sided him and his wife - something I've experienced from 3% of the unhappy customers that I've dealt with in our business over the course of 35 yrs... You begin to see that people have an agenda, and won't be satisfied until they get their way...they don't know how to let it go and accept things in life that are just sometimes out of everyone's control - they need to hold someone responsible... He owes nothing to them, but yet, there are demands being made...last I checked, thats cyber-bullying...Is all this really worth it? Accept, forgive, & move on... is the advice I would give - people reap what they sow... Clint has sown good things for many years to many people and dogs...I hope the readers see through this false accusation being portrayed of Clint and Happy Bend Kennels, as it is truly a blessing and all his dogs are outstanding! There are just too many amazing dogs that are being missed here - all well mannered, docile, well socialized, happy, playful, great with kids, other animals and different environments etc... and to have 1 bad experience ruin the hundreds of positive experiences would be most unfortunate. More people should know of this breed, as the German Indian Dog is an amazing breed - they truly are the best of the best... and the consistent positive comments from all the owners speak for themselves... My opinion...think twice about picking fights on internet to try to solve life problems...sometimes life happens and it's not fair... but don't ruin a hard working mans life and reputation over your bad experience - he's spent years building up his business and he'll never please everybody... re-think this and do the right thing. God sees everything and is just... those who are in the wrong will one day give an account for their actions...
N  6th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
Why is it, the only thing you guys are able to comprehend from Alicia’s post, is that she was happy with her puppy upon recieving it? Of course they were happy! They just got a brand new puppy that they had been waiting for. At no point did she say we hated the puppy, we didn’t think she was worth the money.
They did the responsible thing in rehoming her. They didn’t have the time and surely after all the upcoming doctors bills they won’t have the money either.
Second off, Clint drove a few hours to pick the puppy up. Not half way across the country. He didn’t have to drop everything he was doing. He essentially made an afternoon trip.
Third, contract aside, he told them that when he found a buyer, the money he got for the puppy would go to them. Except he didn’t charge the lady who got the puppy! Apparently her having purchased a littermate and recently buying a house, meant she could get the puppy and pay him at her own conveince. That is mental! So now I’m wondering since all this drama came up if she even still has to pay the fee?
Now I actually like Happy Bend Kennel, I have nothing against them at all. I think they’re fantastic breeders. But this situation could’ve been completely avoided.
I don’t agree with how Alicia has made Clint seem like some puppy nabbing, toy/bed stealing lunatic. But ignoring all of the embellishments I would absolutely be pissed too.
Also yes my account was just created today, because guess what? You guys attacking and bullying this family is [censor] and I felt the need to hop in and explain what you all are clearly missing.

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