Hansen Dirani & Associates / Avoid this company at all costs

A year and a half ago I called Hansen Dirani & Associates about me filing for SSI. They came to my home and spoke with me toke all my information and told me then ” we will represent you.” I was very thankful to have a law firm on my side. As time went by they would send me papers to fill out, call me from time to time letting me know about where my case was at. I followed what they asked, filled out all the paper work they asked of me, let them know if anything changed in my self or surroundings. I got a hearing date, Hansen Dirani & Associates called me on a Monday, said “well we have a hearing date on Wednesday”, they asked me about my medications and to verify my address, going over a few simple questions, they let me know to be an hour early on Wednesday so that they could go over my case with me. I told them that is great and I would see them then. Wednesday morning I am getting ready excited and very nervous, my hearing time was at 12:15, so I would be there at 11:15 for sure. My phone rings, it was my attorney. I thought they was making sure I was getting ready to go. They tell me, ” you need to go by yourself, WE WILL NOT BE THERE TO REPRESENT YOU.” Are you serious, all this time you call me two days before and tell me you will now this. I was blown away, I could not understand why they could not have told me at least a few days before, but waiting 3 hours before time. Calling me and telling me that they would be there and then the day of 3 hours before time telling me, ” Oh, you need to go by yourself.” A very dirty deal indeed.


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