Hank's Fine FurnitureProduct complaint - poor customer service

My wife and I purchased several "leather" living room pieces from them about 3 years ago. No one mentioned that it wasn't real leather, but they did aggressively push their insurance program, because "you know, stuff happens to leather". Well, as predicted, "stuff does happen". It starts coming apart - peeling. They clearly know this is an issue since it is specifically listed in their insurance policy as not being covered.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Panama City, FL
Of course, when they sell you the insurance they tell you "it covers everything!".
My bigger issue at this point is that you can not get anyone at Hank's to call you. I have reached out to them via their website on multiple occasions with no response. I filed a complaint with BBB, and they didn't respond to them either. It is hard to believe that a large company doesn't have someone responsible to address contacts to their website. Really disappointed in " Hank's FINE Furniture "

Oct 11, 2016

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