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Hanks Dining Table / Poor Service

AR, United States Review updated:
My husband and I purchased a dining room table from Hanks a few weeks ago. We were told the table would have to be shipped in, and we could pick it up on Wednesday of the next week. My husband made special arrangements to go pick it up with our son, but when he got to the store, he was told the table did not come in. The manager could not offer a good explanation for why it didn't come in and only said it probably missed the truck. We were told to come back the next Wednesday. I could live with that even though we would not have the table for a party I was planning that weekend.

Once again, my husband made special arrangements with my son the next Wednesday and went to the store to pick up the table. When he arrived, he was told that the table did not come in again. My husband asked for a reason, but the sales people said they did not know. They said that maybe the store manager put in the wrong delivery date. The manager was on vacation at that time, so there was no one there that could offer a good explanation. Then, a sales lady said that some of her customers furniture had not come in as well. They told us to come back in another week to see if our table had come in.

We were very upset because we had already missed having the table for a Christmas party the previous weekend, and now we would just be a week away from Christmas if the table arrived the next week. Because I have family coming in for the holidays, I wanted to make sure we were going to be able to get the table in time, so I called the corporate office to complain and ask for assurance that we would receive our table before Christmas. The lady I spoke with was nice at first and said she would check into the situation. I fully expected she would call me back and give a definite delivery date and even offer to deliver it for free because of our trouble. Instead, I did not hear from her again.

Two days later, I called the customer service lady back again. After 15 minutes on hold, she finally came to the phone and her attitude had completely changed. She said that I would have to talk with the store manager about the situation. I explained that we had already spoken to the store manager, and now he was on vacation. I asked her if I could speak with a regional manager or someone higher up than the store, and she said no. I insisted that I wanted to speak with a manager over the store, and she said I could not. I then told her that Hank's advertisement states that customer service is #1, and I did not feel I was getting good customer service. She told me I was entitled to whatever opinion I wanted. I told her if she did not have an upper manager contact me, I would list my complaints on-line or in a newspaper. She told me to do whatever I had to do and hung up on me.

Here is the B.S. written on Hank's website... " Our philosophy is centered around the belief that when a customer comes through our front door, they are doing us a favor, and it is our obligation to provide them with courteous service, intelligent advice, a pleasant shopping experience, and, of course, excellent values."

If there is anyone out there that wants to fall for that bull, I have some swamp land in Arizona that I would like to sell. We cancelled the order for the table and will never buy anything from Hanks again. I am going to tell everyone one I know about the rude service we received and warn them about the similar complaints I am finding on-line.


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  25th of Dec, 2008
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I have experienced an even worse situation involving the Hank's Fine Furniture store located in Sherwood, Arkansas. The experience was so horrifying that I have given the manager the moniker: "Jake The Jackass".

Jake and his staff will lie about any and everything. The will tell whatever lie it takes to make the sale. In my case, they lied about the following:

1) falsely claimed that a $1777.00 "L" wall unit office desk group was "solid hardwood". They denied that the set included pressed/composite wood or other non-solid wood products nor laminate.

2) falsely claimed that they had a 7 day 100% money back guarantee.

The set was delivered and 3 pieces immediately were noted to be damaged. One piece had been previously damaged and delivered to a prior customer, which was returned and repacked for delivery to me. There was a HUGE hole in its open bookcase hutch where someone had previously tried to drill a hole for mounting of the bookshelf. The hole had shattered and that is how I discovered that the product was not "solid hardwood". Two other pieces were noted to be damaged. I had waited almost two weeks for the arrival of the the two drawer file base from the Jonesboro store, which is what delayed the delivery. Not only was the corner damaged, it was warped, wobbled, and ws not level with the other pieces.
The hutch with the doors was damaged in the top right corner. While the delivery crew were there, I called the store and recorded the call (which I intend to load on YouTube). The salesman (Larry) admitted that he and the manager had told me that the group was solid wood. I told him that the furniture was damaged and I did not want the furniture. Obviously, it was soold on fraudulent inducement. Larry asked me to let the delivery men leave the furniture there until they delivered the other furniture and that they would be by to pick it and the end of the day so that it would not get bumped around. Naively, I agreed. Larry said they would call later to pick it up and he would talk to the manager, Jake the Jackass and would call me back that afternoon. Nobody came back to pick it up and nor called back. The next day, Larry called back and tried to tell me that the manger had not said what I had on tape as having been said about the group being "solid hardwood" according to Jake. Furthermore, Jake said that Hanks would replace the broken pieces but that I was stuck with the furniture. (What made this even worse is that the item is out of stock until February.) Jake had even said that I could NOT have a refund under any circumstances, despite havung been told that I have seven days for a 100% refund. (Coincidentally, I also have this on tape. This is a standard fraud at the Sherwood store...giving false reassurances of satisfaction.)

I was told that the back of some document that I signed said that I had not been made any promises and that there was no refund. Intrestingly, I was never told that any document had undisclosed conditions concealed on the back of this obscure purchase agreement. I never saw it. I was told to sign a document so they could charge my credit card.

Within that 7 day period, my brother attempted to return the furniture to the store. They refused delivery saying that I could not return it at all. He told me that I was lying about my claims. I told him that was not acceptable. I told Jake the Jackass that I was returning it whether he liked it or not. Finally, he told me that I had to take it to the warehouse and would have to pay a $25% restocking fee. He would not tell me where the warehouse was. I found out on my own and my brother tried to return the furniture, but it was closed on Monday. On Tuesday, I rented a U-Haul and returned it to the warehouse. Jake was giving the warehouse hell about entering the return in the computer and giving me a credit. Finally, I had the warehouse manager sign an invoice stating that I had returned it to him (within the 7 day period).

I have numerous recorded phone calls, including to the main/corporate office. "Hank" Brown, the owner refuses to accept calls and is conveniently out all of the time. Corporate office promises to return calls but does not do so.

This company needs to be investigated. I am filing a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General's Office. I have several tapes that I am going to have converted to digital format and load onto YouTube for everyone's enjoyment. I want all customers to be aware of the unsavory business practices of this unscrupulous company. They run customer service like a strong-arm man for the mafia once the furniture is sold.

This is unprofessional and unsound business practices. This is unacceptable and I warn customers to look elsewhere for furniture. Later, I found out that Hanks sold my sister damaged furniture and failed to do the promised replacements. four years later, she is still waiting. I refuse to wait anymore and advise others to stay clear of these thieving SKANKS!

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