Hankook Tireunethical behavior

On March 18, 2018 at approximately 15:00 hours/3:00 PM, I called ahead of my arriving to the facility. I purchased two (2) HANK - 1009127 Hkook Optimo H418 5MAXNWH3416 2 tires . My technician # [protected] . The tires priced at $78.99 per tire.

They placed the tires on my vehicle and they shined the tires with a tire shine. I thought that I was getting a special treatment. But what I really got was two undesirable tires. The tire shine wore off and I noticed that the tires was discolored and ugly. They look dry rotted to me. I went back to the NTB that I thought installed the tires. I was informed by the tech that I did not purchase that set of tires from them. But before we established that we were discussing the tires and one comment the tech made was he would not have sold those tires in that condition.
I returned to the NTB where I purchased these tires from. I did not purchase the second pair of tires from this location because even though I was told that they would hold two tires for me, they failed to do that. When I was ready to buy they did not have any in stock. I spoke with Mr. Aaron Butler who after listening to my complaint told me that the discolor in the tire is nothing more than dirt. My thinking was how does dirt form the same pattern on both tires? I asked Mr. Aaron if he would change the tires and give me tires that I can shine and they will hold the shine like the two that I received from the other location? His response was we don't change tires for cosmetic reasons. My response was now I know why the tires had tire shine on them when I bought them.
I think that I was misled in that they got over on me with the deception of them shining the tires so that I couldn't see the undesirable look of the tires.
I scrubbed the tires because Mr. Aaron Butler said it was dirt. I am making this complaint because it was not dirt the discolor is in the tires. I don't want to go back to talk to Mr. Aaron Butler because they have made me feel like a fool twice now and my patience will not withstand another chance for them to make me feel bad again. I work hard for my money just like the next guy. I'm trying to make my vehicle look presentable and they have threw a monkey wrench in my efforts.
Sirs/Madam I would like to have a decent looking pair of tires.

May 31, 2018

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