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1 Singapore

I bought the new samsung sgh-f330 hp in red in early march 2008. After using it for about 2 weeks, i started facing problems such as i had difficulty in receiving smses n incoming calls. I had been calling M1 every 3-5 days. M1 asked me to switch my network mode etc. However, it is only when i on-off my hp then all the msgs came flooding in. However, they are unable to solve my issues and thus pushed me to samsung. They advised me to call samsung hotline at [protected]. After calling, i went down to the repair centre at Plaza Singapura, spoken to the SO-CALLED INCOMPETENT SUPERVISOR NAMED CHRISTOPHER. I told him the issues that i was facing AND CURRENTLY still facing, and requested for a 1-1 exchange as i only bght this phone 1month ago.

Christopher asked me to fill a form, saying that he will help to expediete my case and that WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS, i will receive a call from them. He even mentioned " IF YOU NEED TO SPEAK TO ME, JUST CALL [protected] AND MENTION MY NAME AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ". HOWEVER, AFTER 3 WORKING DAYS, THERE WASNT ANY CALLS AT ALL, thus i decided to call him on thurs 10th apr, i spoke to the CSO named JUDY, passed the msg to her and she promised that Christopher will get back to me by end of the day. I waited but to no avail.

On Fri 11th apr, i decided to call in again requesting to speak to Christopher, i spoke to CSO JUDY, RIL, RACHAEL, as usual, they promised that Christopher will get back to me by day end. Disappointed, not even a single call. Just on friday, i called 6 TIMES, even spoken to the supervisor named LATFI, he said he had already put up the msg stating to call me ASAP but he does not know why Christopher did not call me. Thus, i asked by when will i be able to have an answer, Latfi said he COULdNT PROMISED as it depends on WHEN CHRISTOPHER WILL GET BACK TO ME.

Being a loyal mobile user for 7 consequtive YEARS, this is the kind of service that i got. I had always supported Samsung pdts, even the new mp4-YPT10. Im really very upsetted and utterly disappointed by the kind of service i got. This is even the first time im facing problems with samsung mobile and sad to say that, being the first time, this is how samsung pushed me off.

Im really utterly diasppointed with samsung. In addition, it is really unfair on the consumer side, asking them to keep waiting for an answer. I really wonder if ADEQUATE training was given to Christopher? Is Christopher really competent and efficient enough to oversee a shopfloor? Did samsung teach Christopher to provide consumers with such attitude? As a service personnel, let alone say a supervisor, i believe s/he must have the calibre. Christopher, being a supervisor, showed frustrations while handling my problems. How do you think a consumer at that point of time will feel?? Christopher simply made me realised IF i made the right choice in supporting Samsung pdts.


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