Han-A Tools Co., Ltd. / Refuse to Honor & ship our order paid on 2nd March, 2016

Without Prejudice

Dear Investigation Team/Int'l Affair Division,

We are Malaysian importer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We first doing business and placed an import order with Han-A Tools Co, Ltd, Busan, Korea on 29 Dec, 2015.

On 15 Feb, 2016, we sent e mail for our intend order to Ms Joey of Han-A Tools to repeat our 2nd order for similar products.

On 17 Feb, 2016, Joey replied with quoting same pricing on the repeat order items and also recommended & quoted prices for some other models of the Magic Saws.

On 17 Feb, 2016, on the same day we confirm on our intend order.

On 19 Feb, 2016, Joey replied with some pictures of the new models of magic saws.

On 20 Feb, 2016, we sent her official order on Magic saw, Magic wrench.

On 23 Feb, 2016, Joey accepted our order with official Proforma Invoice issued to us based on our official order.

On 26 Feb, 2016, Joey inform the gross weight and packing dimension of the packed 4 carton boxes to be shipped out to us.

On 29 Feb, 2016, Joey inform that she can shipped out our order during the week March 7-11, 2016 and request our remittance payment to be made ASAP, so that there will not be any delay on the shipment. She also instructed us to book for TNT Express Worldwide, Malaysia under our Malaysian accounts to pick up the order from her office in Busan, Korea, just like the arrangement during 1st order. On the same day, we replied and inform Joey that we will arrange payment remittance ASAP and will advise her once payment is made.

On 02 March, 2016, we inform Joey that we have made TT bank remittance to her & attached copy of the bank remittance copy to her via e mail attachment. Also we inform her that we have made the courier booking with TNT Express under our accounts for this shipment.

On 04 March, 2016, Joey confirmed that she will arrange the pick-up with TNT Express Courier in Korea.

On 07 March, 2016, Joey inform that she changed her mind and refuse to honor and send out our paid order. We querry on her for this type of "flip flop" business deal. How can a legitimate company "Accept our order & payment and demand our prompt payment and later refuse to honor the order and refuse to ship our the order" ???

On 09 March, 2016, we sent repeated email on the status of our order but received no reply. Later Joey just gave weird excuses and demand us to cancel the order.

We order this 2nd repeat orders based on paid orders received from our clients, for which Joey has confirmed the order, accept our payment and assured us on the shipping details and shipping time.

We cannot cancel the orders now as our clients who have made full payments will be mad and furious on us. Our reputation will suffer severe damage as we just cannot deal with our clients anymore.

We prefer an injunction for Han-A Tools Co. Ltd to honor our paid order and ship the order to us so that we can fulfill our paid orders to our clients without suffering damages in all forms.

We have been doing business with European, China & Hong Kong overseas suppliers many times for over 15 years and this is our first time dealing with Korean company, which inflicts nightmare, losses and sufferings on us.

Details of Han-A Tools Co. Ltd
145, (Mieum-Dong) Mieumsandan 3RO, Gangseo-Gu, Busan, Korea
Tel : [protected]
Fax : [protected]
E Mail : [protected]
President/CEO : JongMuk, Kim

If needed, we can forward documentary evidences for your perusal as we try to upload the TT remittance bank copy cannot be done here.

We hope we reach you in the correct department & platform to hear our complaints and seek justice & proper settlement on this issue, which is still unresolved as of today.

Please help and assist us.

from :
FASTlite Electric Marketing
Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T : 603-[protected] / F : 603-[protected]
e mail : [protected]

Mar 16, 2016

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