Halton Auto Lease5000$ + extra charges

I have a lease thought halton auto lease for a 08 grand prix. After a collision and a fight with insurance that never ended productively and the whole car is a write off that wont be written off because the assessor at niagara appraisals doesn't know what he's doing. Regardles, the total owed to halton auto lease doesn't add up.

A lease worth 15, 000 + tx
-$1700 of 5x $340 payments
- 800 of 2x $400
- $2500 of a down payment
= $9000

Not $16 045.54 that they are demanding.
Lease 308248

Re-assessment of total owed

Also received a letter stating i'm at fault for engine damage caused by a not-at-fault collision because of an oil change i performed > 5 < months prior without any leaking.
(The oil filter came loose during the collision and the eventual damage of a spun bearing was not seen until the next time it was driven. )

May 16, 2017

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