Halsted Communications / Not what you think

After reading all of the complaints on this site against Halsted Communications, llc. i thought for sure things were not going to turn out so well when i rang them up to complain about the manner in which one of the installation technicians treated me.

The director of their human resources and the risk manager immediately took my call on conference.

about 18 minutes later we had all issued addressed and i was assured of corrective action.

within 30 minutes of that call the local field supervisor called me and let me know a new tech was on the way out to properly take care of the install.

without going into detail i was on the edge of actually bringing suit against them. however, i found the correct people to speak with, they were very patient and understanding of my frustrated anger and now things are going well.

i say to give them a fair shake and another try should you experience trouble with any installs. people will screw up but they really do care there at corporate.


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