Hallman Hyundai in Erie, PAsonata 2003 severe ongoing rust problems including all gas, break, power steering lines.

Paid over $2, 000 to get car ready for inspection in Pa. 2017, Paid $1700 to get break lines (lost breaks while driving), gas lines replaced. Paid to have a quarter panel made for rust about 3 yrs ago. Now, even though I had One power steering line replaced two years ago, I now have lost power steering again and was presented with a bill of over $2000 to replace power steering lines (4) and replace pump because of loss of power steering liquid. I blame poor material for all these problems. I've driven over 50 years and never had problems like this on my other vehicles. I give up on Hyundai. I have a whole glove compartment full of my receipts and itemized repairs. All have been done at Hallman Hyundai in Erie, Pa.

Aug 01, 2018

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