Hall Hyundai of Chesapeake / 2015 hyundai veloster turbo

1 International falls mn, US
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I bought this car may 4th 2015, it had 4 miles on it first brand new car i ever bought..the first thing i noticed it didnt really have a new car smell it was musty smelling.i was told it was on the lot for i paid cash for it. 28, 741.34.well as time went on i couldnt get rid of the all of a sudden my equalizer quit working so i took it to the hyundi dealer for an oil change the first one.and they told me the equalizer was rusty and it happend over a period of time..well they had talked me into buying the platinum protection plan ..and then was told i couldnt use it call my insurance company made me mad i only used the car for my drs appts.

I never drove in water or left my windows down my tires are getting bubbles in them car only has 7503 miles on it.and i believe my car has had a leak in a window or in the roof because i been finding dampness on my back floorboard..waiting for leather seats to get messed up now.i have copd i need this car to get around.i am on oxygen.i have emailed hall auto. And hyundai corporation no help at all i am thinking i might know they sold this car with a leak.i am going to have someone find this leak and get them for selling me a lemon

I am really sick of not being heard i will have nothing else to do with hyundai

Dec 03, 2016

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