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Hajj Comittee / Mis management by central Hajj Committee causing inconvenience to Hajis

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Mis management by central Hajj Committee causing inconvenience to Hajis

Hajj – an important milestone and dream for every Muslim – Central hajj committee is responsible in India for sending and arranging Indians to perform Hajj pilgrimage at Saudi Arabia.
Central hajj committee under central government of India is responsible for application process, payments, flight arrangements, accommodation at Saudi and safe return of pilgrims.
This year hajj committee has arranged for 16 flights from Hyderabad and respective flights from other states. Flight dates started from 30th October but not all pilgrims are able to travel as Hajj committee could not take Saudi Arabian visa on time. Hajj committee did complete mis management in sending passports to Saudi embassy on time which is resulting passport delay.
Pilgrims are returning back empty handed from hajj house at nampally as passport has not yet arrived.
Further no confirmation or definite answer is provided by hajj committee on when the pilgrim will get passport or travel dates.
There is no person responsible for giving a definite answer to hajis
Nobody is taking responsibility of this delay in passports, missing flights and in convenience to pilgrims.
More over all scheduled flights are flying vacant seats which is a financial loss, iam not sure who will bear this loss?
Request you to please take this up as an urgent and important issue
Mohammad Faizuddin

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  • Br
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    Salam All, I went last yr with Barket Travel & Tours it was very bad and I hope no one is ever in my place - this is just one big hajj scam from the United states of america (USA) and United Kingdom (UK). Before leaving the country we were all handed our passports back with Hajj visa's etc. One of the brothers that was going on Hajj with the group noticed his Visa was smudged at no fault of his own (as the tour operator was in charge of obtaining visa's and held onto the passports till departure day). This brother concerned with the smudge approached the tour operator who made it clear it would be impossible for him to enter Saudia Arabia with a smudged visa. This brother not knowing what to do was advised to remain in the UK and have his visa sorted out whilst the rest of the group along with the tour operator flew out on Hajj. And to top it all off the brother had to pay out of his own pocket to stay in a hotel near by the airport till his visa was sorted out (as he lived far away from the airport). This is something the tour operator should have taken charge of and made sure an error on his part (whether during obtaining the visa or after obtaining the visa - got smudged) was resolved with no expense from the customer - being a business providing a service.

    During the sales pitch we were told we would be at the Grand Shubeika Hotel in Makkah which was slightly more closer (considering the traffic caused by people) - however this wasn't to be.

    We were told the Ziyara will be done in English to accommodate the people in the group like myself who were not from the urdu speaking community - however this was not meant to be. It was in Urdu, so myself and a few others had to rely on fellow Hajji's to translate as much as possible.

    The food wasn't any good (provided by tour operator), and gave me stomach problem day 1. Since then we (myself and friends) ate outside, although at times we did eat in at the hotel. The whole wisdom behind getting an all-inclusive package was so that we would not waste time queuing at the shops for food, instead we would have food at the hotel.

    Whilst all other hotels had tea/coffee available 24 hours in their hotels our tour group decided to restrict this service to after fajr, asr, and isha - even though we payed for an all-inclusive package.

    Lack of customer service, considering we were paying for a service the management and staff would talk down to people and when they got a reaction - they pulled out the 'sabr' card.

    We were promised the groups fiqh lessons/classes during the build up and during Hajj would be in English with an English speaking scholar however all the classes were in Urdu and the scholar was essentially reading out of a book called Virtues of Hajj by Shaykh Zakariya Khandhelwi - which I read beforehand anyway (alhamdulillah).

    We were told the scholar would be a fluent english speaking scholar, however the scholar wasn't fluent in English, he could just about speak English!

    Everything our group did was always last minute - going to Arafat, going to Muzdalifah, going for Jamarat. Going last always meant we ended up forfeiting decent places to stay and/or rest.

    Our transport was always arriving late. Especially transport to Madina for which we had to wait and be on standby for almost 2 whole days. The management team had no clue of what was happening and would not communicate anything to the group about transport to Madina.

    Our Qurbani did not happen on the 1st day of stoning. Even though we headed back to Makkah to do our Tawaf Ziyara etc in hope that by the time we finish our qurbani would be done so we can come out of Ihram. Due to us being the last group again, the qurbani was put off till the following day so we had to stay in ihram for an extra night - which we did not mind. However our problem was that, being first timers on Hajj we did not know our way back to Mina from Makkah. The whole group was stranded in Makkah and the tour group was not willing to provide transport or a guide (even though they messed up on the Qurbani) for those people that wanted to go back to Mina. The tour group then got the 'Mufti' to reassure everyone that they could stay in Makkah for the night even though it was an emphasised sunnah to go back to Mina.

    The following day after the Qurbani was done and people came out of Ihram they were told a bus would be ready to transport the group to Jamarat for stoning after Asr. Again being gullible the whole group trusted the tour operator however there was no transport. The tour group was relying on catching 'public' transport to jamarat with old women, and young sisters amongst the group. Some of the women relied being pushed in wheelchairs. Waiting for public transport there was a huge queue which lead to a lot of pushing and shoving and at one point almost a fight between our group and other groups. This was all going on whilst the tour operator could not organise transport and stood by hoping somebody would sort this mess out for them.

    In Madina we stayed in Wasel Palace which is a 4 star hotel not too far from the Masjid. However the toilet facilities were not decent at all. During the sales pitch myself and 3 other friends were told we would have en-suite bathroom. Instead we ended up sharing a communal bathroom between another room which hindered us all when wanting a shower, doing wudhu, or wanting to use the toilet facilities.

    The tour operator was not available during our stay in Madina to express our views about the toilet facilities nor any other concerns we may have, instead he was taking another group to Masjid al-Aqsa (a trip upon which more people complained they had problems).

  • Mo
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    Zainul Abideen Barri urged the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques to introduce a system to prevent the use of mobile phones by pilgrims while performing tawaf (circumambulation). "The public must be educated so that they do not use cell phones while performing tawaf."§ion=0&article=112119&d=25&m=7&y=2008


    In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent and Most Merciful


    Respectable Hajj Pilgrims

    As'Salâm Alaikum Wa'Rahmatullâhi Wa'Barakâtuh

    By the grace of Almighty Allah you shall soon be traveling for performing Hajj. Surely you shall take care of the sacredness of Harmain Shareefain (Makkah Al Mukarama and Madina Al Munawara). In this regard we request you to remove Musical Ring Tones from your mobile (Cellular) phones before departure and during Hajj try to keep your mobile phones on Vibrators/Silent. By this you shall be avoiding any disturbance to your worship as well as to the worships of other pilgrims and furthermore the sacredness of Harmain Shareefain shall not be harmed. We hope that you shall put heed to this request and shall convey this message to other pilgrims as well. May Allah Subhanawatallah accept your Hajj. Ameen

    Was’Salâm Alaikum

    This message is available is given addressees:


  • Am
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    BIG HAJJ SCAM >>>>




    "Adam Travel of Washington seems to be the worst - May Allah guide them to improve their nonsense bec. i went with Adam travel last yr. and it was rly bad.

    1) Terrible terrible accomodations in Mekkah less then a 1 star (not kidding, worse then a motel) 2) 12-16 hour waits in the airport due to double booking of tickets 3) Sharing 6-7 per room when the max promised was 4-5 4) Stealing of the hajj sticker off the passports to save money (get $40.00 back off each passport). 5) No food whatsoever for 3 days in Mina even though it was promised, however may Allah reward DarAlSalam Travel from NY for providing some of us with food. The Qatari embassy sponsored some people on the trip (Paid Adam travel 6-7k for each person) and when the officials showed up and found that the whole group were not fed the Adam travel people were no where to be found and the cell phones were off. 6) Stealing of our jackets and not compensating us for it and blaming the driver when the local saudi kids hired to help at the motel were seen with the jackets. 7) Leaving us behind when we came early to the bus (overbooked the bus and had to leave many people behind and came back 6 hours later for us) 8) Left us behind in Mina again with the bus and we had to find a cab to get back 9) Medina was the first place we had decent normal accomodations (clean running water, a normal 3-4 star hotel) and normal food for 1 meal when all meals were promised 3 times a day (no mice, trash and potatoes & onions in the hallway). 10) Being stopped by the Saudi Police and told the bus Adam travel chartered/rented was illegal. We were told to go back to and get a legal certified bus with the hajj stickers. But they finally let us go. 11) We were suppossed to fly back from Medina to Jeddah, but instead they sold our tickets to another group for a high price, pocketed the money, and got us on their illegal bus for 16 hours back to Jeddah (the trip should only take 1/2 that time) But this was the first time the driver ever drove a bus, so buses were passing us as if we were standing still. Alhamduillah for completing the trip and returning home safely however, I would never ever recommend them and I want to remind them that the sin during hajj is multiplied by 100, 000 in Mekkah as are the prayers and good deeds."

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