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I never thought this could happen to me, as I am very careful when ordering things online. I have read the posts here before I hit the ordering button - but I guess you never know when you are the one who stepped into such a trap.
I ordered a full-lace wig from this company, and it was my fault not to send them an email first or contact them in some ways before I placed the order. After the ordering procedure when finalized, I decided to write them an email as I had a question to be answered. Guess what? The email address has a permanent error and it does not exist; neither does a telephone number existed or a postal address. I was so blinded by the price as they offer the same styles at a much lower rate. It has been a week now, and I have not managed to contact anyone. I called my credit card bank today and told them I think it's a fraud. I was relieved to hear that my payment has not been demanded yet by this shop. They advised to cancel my card immediately, and to send me a new one with a new number and security code. I hope this will be the end of this issue.

So, anyone who comes across this homepage, BEWARE and DO NOT ORDER anything from them, no matter how attractive the price seems to be. I have been stupid enough to ignore the warnings that my guts were sending me!

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