Hairport International / Non existant service standards

1 South Africa

I initially lodged a complaint via email (x3), telephonically, voice messages and through text messages directly to the owner. It is now a month since the event which lead to the complaint and I have yet to hear back from the owner of Hairport International.

Here is the query which I had posted on Hello Peter; " On 2 March 2012, I had an appointment at Hairport International, to have hair extensions put in, later followed by wash, dry and styling.

My appointment was scheduled for 11am and had to be rescheduled to 1pm as the stylist had not pitched for work that day. Upon arriving there @ 1pm, the stylist had still not been ready for me. Eventually, the lady arrived and started working on my hair. This bit went well, as the initial stylist proceeded to complete the extensions. I then changed seats as another stylist was going to flat iron my hair. This was then finished and I left the salon fairly satisfied.
I then washed my hair a day or 2 later, only to find that a massive chunk of my own hair had been scorched and burnt off by the GHD. Cheryl, the stylist, neglected to tell me at the time that she had damaged my hair. I only discovered this when drying my hair. It was definitely as a result of the flat ironing, as I do not normally flat iron my hair because of the damage that it causes. I then emailed, several times, called and even texted the owner, Dora who has yet to this very day not replied to my complaint. One would expect service of quality, clearly this is lacking here"

I have since texted and expressed my frustation to the owner, Dora who has showed no remorse, interest, empathy for my situation what so ever. This is the worst case of Customer Service which I had ever encountered and I would discourage anyone from every visiting this salon again. Their service is unprofessional and lacking of quality.

I have also complained using various other platforms and have YET to hear back from Dora or any other employee of Hairport International.

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