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Haflinger / Scam and fraud!

1 228 East 45th St NY NYNew York, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 212-9496767

The president of this company is an active racist and anti-semite. her discrimination extends to hispanics, the overweight, the poor, the unattractive, the obese and the handicapped and her favorite target of abuse, Jews. basically an all inclusive bigot.

The verbal abuse endured by employees is flooring. Example, at a very high end trade show i was approached by a high end buyer/client who offered their deepest condolences to myself at the behavior of this executive. They stated that they had never seen anyone berated in such a manor, let alone in front of high end clients. A vendor who worked for us yearly jokingly referred to her as the main character in the movie 'the devil wears prada'. That was funny but dead on accurate.

As far as abusing employees, there is not much room here to fully explain but i will give some examples. The gentlemen referred to in the above post was forced to quit. He was an well qualified asset to the office, however, the president of this company couldn't believe that he could function on his medication for MS. Another gentlemen was an average employee but due to a slight belly she believed and openly mentioned that he must have had aids (he did not)and therefore was deemed incompetent. He just had a bit of a belly.

Before a trade show we were short of an employee to attend, when it was suggested that a long time employee (african, american) be allowed to represent the company. She opened her arms and puffed her cheeks mocking obese people then asked if he could be trusted to speak to customers. Then expressed concern that he may not dress appropriately stating 'i would prefer customers not get that impression of us'.


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