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1 Bakersfield, CA, United States

Chrysler Dodge Management 

I have a 2005  dodge ram 1500 pick up  that in 2010 the engine had problems . I took it to Haddad Dodge Bakersfield Ca.One engine head had to be replaced the other surfaced and a lot of extra things to engine, timing chain, radiator etc. 
I was out of pocket about $1000 for non covered Items .
I was without a vehicle for about two months . Haddad Dodge sold me an extended warranty witch I was told was the top highest level best coverage I could get for this truck with a $100 deductible .

This year around March 2012 my 2005 Dodge truck that was just rebuilt from Haddad Dodge with only approx 20k miles on rebuilt engine had problems again.
Haddad Dodge checked it out and told me that they believe a piece of plastic from intake went into engine and damaged the entire thing . Same head, side of engine before ! Now they say I need a new engine again but  they  will not  to stand behind their warranty ! They want to blame the faulty part, that should've been covered on poor service even though they did the overhaul less than 20 k miles ago . How could a part or anything fall apart so quick ? An intake air canister should not fall apart only 7 years old unless they broke it when they worked on it last ! 
I believe Haddad Dodge service department reps and tech have no clue what they are doing and are ruining Chrysler -Dodge name with there terrible customer service and lack of concern and knowledge . 
My wife's magnum was recently repaired there too . It took them 6 visits  to guess what was wrong after trying to put blame on us, tires, service weather our misunderstanding of how transmissions should normally chatter or slip !  They had her car there over two months !
I refuse to pay for an engine that was rebuilt by these untrained uncertified people who call they're selfs techs ! 
I am prepared to have my attorney proceed with a lawsuit against Haddad Dodge and Chrysler or whomever I need to get this resolved .
I am a business owner and I know how these guys are trying to find ways if not providing warranty to things they should by making excuses and lies . letting the consumer get stuck with cost after being told we were covered completely .
I own and have owned many Chrysler Dodge vehicles but I will never purchase another i highly recommend no one does if this is how Chrysler Dodge takes care of their customers ! 
I don't believe management at Chrysler /Dodge would treat they're customers this way . 
I hope I'm right 
Thank you for any concern or attention to this matter .
I can only hope the right person with concern will do the right thing and have this issue taking care of ASAP .
Thank you, Dan Isbell
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