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1 PO BOX 36115Birmingham, AL, United States Review updated:
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They have a very inticing and professional looking website and offer an email password hacking software for $499.00. They even give you an 800# to call them to get information on their products, when you call it, a recording comes on like it is going to connect you to the next available customer representative and no one ever comes on the line. It then takes you to a voice mail in which you leave a message. No one ever returns a call. They also have an email address and at the beginning they respond very quickly, but then when you ask for details, the emails take more than 24 hours to get a response. I fell for it and paid for the product on Western Union. But I would not send my MTCN # unless I spoke to someone. I never got a response. So luckily, I cancelled the money transfer and no money lost. I then googled to look for complaints and low and behold saw the [redacted]. Hopefully enough complaints pop up on this website to have it removed!

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  • He
      11th of Jan, 2009
    -5 Votes

    You know if a website is offering software so you can hack into other people's email, it has to be a scam.Even the so called warrez sites that have hacker stuff to download are in most cases just hacking you when you get progs from them. Never mind it is a felony to do that stuff: ask that TV news guy in Philly that had his whole life and career turn to dust for hacking email of a co-worker.

  • Mo
      17th of Jan, 2009
    -2 Votes - scam and ripoff
    United States
    Phone: 8007348904

    They have the best web pages to describe a product and will answer your calls when it comes to making an order or paymnets. They insist on western union as a better way of paying and they will ask you for a question and answer for western union and will promise a download within three hours. They will take your money and ypou will never see a download or get an answer again. I am computer savy and this is the best scam I ever encountered. Please don't send any money to this company. It is nothing but a rip off and they will sound so sincere on the phone. There is no such service. They took my hard earned money with no return. I will contact the authorities to have them investigated. Please do not try to send them money. It's all fake and not true

  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @mo sadek He went to jail buddy for mutiple cases of fraud! Does he sound innocent to you?

  • Da
      9th of Nov, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Daisy 1505 I retract everything I have said about Andy Hooda. I was mad at him and said things I did not mean. He is a good citizen. I have tried to remove any posts I have made about him. However, this website will not let me. I am sorry of any trouble I have caused to Andy.

  • Ro
      12th of Feb, 2009
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    So let me get this straight, you have not purchased the software, and you are accusing the company of a scam? You have the time to go out and post negative postings just like the folks on [redacted], but you have never purchased the software?

    That's the internet for you, any one can post anything on any website, and people will believe it. I called them, and they are listed with the better business bureau in satisfactory ratings, and they even sent me a trial to use the software! I tried it with my own email, and it worked.

    My 2 Cents.

  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2016
    -2 Votes

    @Roger Moore He is a liar and a crook.

  • Da
      22nd of Dec, 2016
    -2 Votes

    @Roger Moore Your 2 cents ain't worth a penny! There are those of us who purchased and got scammed! You must be Akbar! No one else would take up for this ####!

  • Br
      28th of May, 2009
    -6 Votes

    Yeah this is Akbar Amin Hooda back with his old scam.
    There are just too many similarities, google his name and do your homework.
    Lets's see BOTH website had you mail or western union money to birmingham.

    I suggest calling into the FBI office in Birmingham Alabama and telling them
    you have a complaint about "AKBAR HOODA", and he/she will say "please hold while
    I transfer your call", then an agent with a big thick file on this punk will get on the phone
    and take yet another report on this jerk.

    FYI-When you post about this scammer, make sure to ALWAYS include the phone numbers
    he is using. That way he has to keep changing numbers once you blacklist him.

  • La
      12th of Jan, 2010
    -4 Votes

    Akbar " Andy " Hooda has always been a problem for the internet.

    Look at his internet cafe, failing, closing suddenly, selling pot and drugs out the back door. Look at his history of social hacking, calling under different names, acting like other people. Multiple websites selling overpriced " to go to be true " merchandise that will do everything but date you.

    REALLY, $ 499 for software to hack an email, look online and you can actually " learn " and do it. Yes, it requires reading and learning, but no magic cd is going to do it for you, surely not mr. Hooda. LOL ! Mr. Hooda made his money living in birmingham alabama by scamming hundreds of people out of hundreds of dollars. The FBI office you mention does have a file about a foot thick, I called and made a complaint shortly after my dealings with him as well. It was like I dissapointed the agent by yet " another akbar hooda complaint ".

    No issues, they will find him in an alley one day as he crosses the wrong person. That day, true justice will be served for all of the innocent people who have been scammed by, or whatever latest site scam the guy is doing. Akbar " andy " Hooda is a drain on society and unfortunately one of the many dark sides to the internet as he could never make it in a brick and motor world of business.

    Leslie AKA Mrs. Law
    Alberta, Canada

  • Da
      22nd of Dec, 2016
    -2 Votes

    @lawfulleslie You must be the thief's lawyer! Go suck one!

  • I0
      29th of Jan, 2010
    +4 Votes

    There is no proof that he stole anything from anybody or if you even have the right guy. You sound like a bunch of racist haters if you ask me. I read "Leslie's" alleged comments about "some identified male" that she refers to as akbar hooda (which as never been proven) and I must say you sound very ignorant. Accusing a guy of selling drugs out of a back door? Really? Are you so desperate to lash out at someone that your willing to copy and paste other alleged rumors into your single post and claim it as your own fact? I also noticed that in your alleged complaint you never mention once that you were ripped off or even tried to purchase product? When I called you ignorant before I truly stand by it and I will end on this...

    Ignorance is Bliss, but also profitable. I hope Mr. Hooda launches a Civil Litigation against you and this unmoderated website for Malicious & Defamatory statements.


  • Ca
      1st of Apr, 2011
    -5 Votes

    I know Akbar and he is a scammer. You people need not be so ignorant. He is in jail right now for scamming people. What do you thik of that????

  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2016
    -2 Votes

    @carrieanne I am sure try are glad! It's where the third needs to be

  • Br
      11th of Jun, 2011
    -9 Votes

    I was in shock when I found out he is Jail and cant help to take credit for it either ;)
    I helped people to identify him and find the proper outlet to complain and in just under a year they had over 50+ complaints and he was caught AGAIN! The ### part is that the judge he had is Muslim( just like Akbar) and he got a slap on the wrist. He was already on probation for committing the same crime and he re offended and only got one ###en year in jail for stealing over $30, 000+ and that is not including MORE $$ he stole from people who have not come forward. That is a complete injustice and I hope the next time the Feds want to nail him they do so outside of AL and take him a federal court that is does not have any Muslim Judges.

    How may I ask do you know him? Here is a pic of him Notice the snazzy suit purchased with stolen money.

  • St
      26th of May, 2012
    -4 Votes

    Cailin ( if you read this) you were a victim of a violent crime. Please do not let Akbar get away with this. He is freshly out of prison. He has a Felony Menacing and Domestic Violence warrant for his arrest in Colorado. Please print this out and take it to the D.A's office and let them know that he is still victimizing you. A judge will be furious that your attacker not only fled the state and avoided prosecution but also that he thinks he can continue to stalk and harass you via internet, 3 parties ect. I am confident the judge will make his outstanding warrant extraditable when he reads this nasty stuff..If anyone knows of Cailin please forward this message to her.


  • Wh
      4th of Jul, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Cailin STOP!!! Quit harassing everyone and move on with your life!!! Steve I mean Cailin, all that stuff is bs!! Leave us alone!! There is a whole site on who you are.

  • Da
      22nd of Dec, 2016
    -3 Votes

    @Whoyouwishyouwere Cailin and Akbar both are crooks! I suggest you people do research! Cailin his girlfriend was involved in identity theft!

  • Da
      22nd of Dec, 2016
    -3 Votes

    Akbar Hooda whose alias is Andy is a crook a fraud and deceitful human being who can not tell the truth! He has bilked hundreds of people out of their money! He has been convicted of fraud! He lives in Alabama to this day thieving money now off of gift cards!

  • Da
      9th of Nov, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Daisy 1505 I retract everything bad I have said about Andy Hooda. I was mad at him and said things I did not mean. He is a good citizen. I am sorry of any trouble I have caused Andy.

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