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I ordered a 1.0HP pool pump from H2O Pool Products because they beat other prices by about $30. When it got here I opened the box and the pump was 1.4HP pump. It was also not the corect type of pump. Not being an expert on the different types of pumps and the pump itself was not labeled I was unaware that it was the wrong type. But for HorsePower I knew I had the correct HP.

When I called and explained the discrepency they went ahead and exchanged it but not after blaming me for not knowing the difference in pump types. So inturn he charged me for shipping on all ends of the delivery. He stated he would not charge me a restocking fee however when I received my refund it was short the restocking fee.

All in all here is what additional charges I had to incur just to deal with this one company.

Original Shipping $ 43.29
Return Shipping $ 43.65
New Item Shipping $ 31.59
Restocking Fee $ 31.25
Total Fees $149.78

All of that on a pump that was only $120.00

When I called them the original time to exchange the first order mix up, I told him I didn't feel I should be responsible for all the shipping. I was thinking he might split the difference. No shot!

When I called again to inquire about my refund and why it was taking so long to refund my money I also gave it another shot to see if they'd be willing to split the difference. The gentleman would not be quite, and he rambled on, and on about how it was completely my fault and he was so unreasonable.

Finally here is an excerpt from my second invoice which shows that the restocking price was to be waived:

H2O Pool Products
Order Number: 33115
Detailed Invoice:
Date Ordered: Friday 24 July, 2009

Pump to replace incorrect motor previously ordered waive restocking fee. 32766

Clearly, after I spoke with him on the phone he renigged on his committment to waive the restocking fee.


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