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H & R Block in 29 palms / Fees & Waising Time

1 Twentynine Palms, CA, United States Review updated:

This was my first time doing taxes regarding having my own business (in home daycare) so we thought we would go to H & R Block to help us out. We specifically asked for a tax specialist who knew how to do a home daycare business and we were given Tammie. Tammie had her own daycare once so we thought we were in good hands. We met with her on Feb. 18th 2010 and she took the basic information down. I asked her if there was anything else she needed from me, anything seperated, and she said she would let me know but for now everything was fine. She told us our charge was going to be more than 600. My heart just dropped. A few days later she informed me about my mileage so I went through everything and gave her all of my information the very next day because I didn't want to delay our taxes being done any longer. A few days later I was informed that I couldn't claim my mileage for my business. I take my daycare kids to parks, the library, field trips, I go to meetings, grocery shopping. The price of our tax preperation went down to 540. Why does punching in a few numbers cost so much? A few days later she called and asked me for a breakdown of supplies, office supplies, toys, etc., exactly what I had asked her in the very beginning. On Monday March 01, 2010 we called and left a message for her to see where we were and she never called back. We decided to go in and see if she was there. I spoke with her and asked how much longer it was going to take and she couldn't give me a time. She still had the same information that I had given her on Friday and nothing else was given to me. I explained to her that I don't understand why it's taking so long. I even asked her if it's because she only works nights and she responded with, "No, I've been working hard on this, I even came in on my day off to work on it." I honestly have no confidence whatsoever in her or in H & R Block. I went back to the car and told my husband that it's not done yet and he went in to speak with the manager. He was then sent to an older woman there, not sure if she was the manager(later found out she wasn't) She worked with the information I had given Tammie and within 30 minutes my husband was outside saying she finished our taxes and we had to come back to sign. I was so upset, how was it magically fixed within a few minutes from someone else? We had to come back in an hour to sign the forms and the tax fees went up to 644!!! The funny thing about this situation is that after a few days of waiting we asked if we could go to someone else to do our taxes and Tammie told my husband that we would have to pay a time fee for her doing our taxes!!! Incredible! A time fee for her? We should have a time fee! When we met with her last night to sign the papers I asked her why it was so much and she said it was because I had to depreciate a few items, how does depreciating items cost an extra 100? I also asked her how it was magically fixed after my husband wanted to speak with a manager and she said that she had everything, she just wanted to make sure we would get the most and that she addressed all the red flags so we wouldn't be audited. My husband just wanted to get it over with so he kept telling me to let it go, it's enough. I asked for the manager's information so that I could make a complaint and I called today. She called me back and when I tried to explain everything to her she cut me off and said that she wanted to speak with the employees. I told her I wasn't done and that she cut me off. I told her I feel like no one there cares about the customers. I don't know why it's taking 2 weeks to prepare our taxes? We still don't have any paperwork in our hands!! I'm feeling very frustrated! I told the manager Tracy(I believe) if Tammie couldn't do our taxes she should have given our information to someone who could and in a timely manner. I honestly feel like Tammie doesn't care, she's getting a huge commission for a job poorly done. I feel used and abused and not confident in the work that was done for us by H & R Block. Don't get me wrong, Tammie is a nice person but I feel like someone else should have helped us. Do not go to H & R Block!!! You'll save a lot of money and time if you just do it yoursel[censored] We will never go to them again!!! I am currently making a complaint to the main branch and even explained everything and the cus rep was shocked at the time and fees.

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  • Ta
      21st of Mar, 2010
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    Well, your post is lengthy so I probably will not hit every point you made but here goes.

    You said this is your first time to file with a business or as we call it self-employment.
    Ok that's fine. What you didn't know was to ask for a Senior Tax Advisor 5 and preferably an Enrolled Agent.

    I don't know Tammie, she may be an excellent tax preparer, but to be frank I want someone well versed in current tax law, not someone that used to be in the same or similar business as me. The lesson here is that knowledge of any particular business does not necessarily translate into knowledge of tax preparation for that particular business.

    Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you dropped your stuff off for preparation.
    Why didn't you sit down with Tammie and have your return prepared live?

    If you had come into my office with ALL of your information I would have completed it while you watched.

    If you didn't want to take the time and some people don't, then I would have accepted your return as a drop off, with the understanding it would be completed when we get around to it. In my office we prepare "live clients" first. Drop offs generally go to the end of the line. The reasoning here is simple. Live clients see what we do and usually have no problem paying us. Drop off clients frequently have no idea how much time I have spent and thus are more likely to be upset with our fee. As a business person, would you rather watch kids of parents that pay you or watch kids of parents that don't pay?

    Regarding Time Fees: I don't charge people "time fees", I do charge accounting fees if people drop off a box load of stuff that is unsorted and uncategorized. My guess here is Tammie was trying to get compensated for the accounting work she had performed. I would have told you up front, that I would charge you $60 per hour for accounting. Once the accounting was complete, I would then charge you our standard preparation fees.

    Somewhere in your complaint you asked the following: " does depreciating a few items cost an extra $100?" My advice here is for you to take the tax course and learn how to depreciate your business property. Once your understand the rules and they are many and complex, you will wonder why she charged you only $100.

    You also said: "how was it magically fixed within a few minutes from someone else"? The short answer here is it wasn't. As you said: "...she just wanted to make sure we would get the most and that she addressed all the red flags so we wouldn't be audited". There's your answer. Obviously Tammie had some issues with certain aspects of your return and wanted to make sure it was right before she signed off on it. The problem for Tammie is there is no one employed with H&R Block to check her work. She has to approach more senior tax pros and they may not have time to address her issues as quickly as you would prefer. When your husband came in and forced the issue the more senior preparer took over and resolved the remaining issues and 30 minutes later your return was finished. No magic involved.

    I routinely double check the returns of junior preparers when they have questions, even though I am not required to do so. I can't check everything as I have hundreds of clients to serve. On the other hand, I hate to let something go out the door that is incorrect, so I do what I can.

    At the end you say; "You'll save a lot of money and time if you just do it yoursel[censored] We will never go to them again!!!"

    LOL, well ok. People always think they can do it themselves right up until they realize the tax code is more than 67, 000 pages long and/or they get audited and face an $11, 000 tax levy like my newest client. He also thought he could do his own taxes cheaper and quicker. He was wrong.

  • Ke
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    Still don't understand WHY PEOPLE TRUST HR BLOCKHEAD...They have inexperienced preparers, charge an average $ 175 for basically short forms...and swindle you for all kinds of extra fees. Check the BBB sites and complaint boards and public records on all the lawsuits filed against them...for the most part they are a joke. A big AD Campaign JOKE. People go there because of their extensive advertising campaigns. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY PAY FOR THOSE ADS? With EXORBITANT PREP FEES FOR SMALL RETURNS.

    As far as doing this yourself...good luck with that. You will cost yourself MORE MONEY IN THE SHORT RUN...find yourself an experienced local tax accountant. Most are very reasonable and have the knowledge to properly prepare your returns. And most will be cheaper than HR Blockhead, Liberty Tax, J Hewitt or any of the chains. These chains are a joke.

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