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H P / agatha hilt

1 416 dunning stWilliamsburg, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7579034126

my computer was hacked. my husband called s-teria because he had called them before and had no problem. or was calling them in the first place a problem. a number showed up on my computer so my husband called it. they told my husband that they could fix the problem for $100. heand i was frustrated because this was the second time in less than six months so my husband declined. the first time our computer was worked on by s-teria they provided documents for us to sing and used precautions like pay-pal. mr. Johnson didn't do any of this and looked at the documents that had been done before. he even erased one of my signed documents. my husband thought he was making a better judgement by using someone that he had no problem with so he called teria. he spoke to someone named ron Johnson. he sad that he could help us and that there was no need to worry. that alone was a warning sign for me. he said he could fix it for $300. my husband told him that we had called the number on the screen and they quoted us $100. he said it was becauce we had waited overnight. my husband explained that we didn't have all the money but we could give him half and the other half the next week. he insisted on the total amount becase he needed the money to purchase the material to fix our computer. he eventually accepted the money and told us that he would put security on our computer for the $150 on 7/28/15. the money was sent through moneygram because my wifes bank wouldn't send the money to india. mr.johnson accepted it and started working on the computer. everything my husband watched him install on the computer was free. my husband send the money to someone in india named anne fauth. he told my husband that that was were the main office. ron Johnson told my husband that the security was on the computer and he would be waiting for the next payment to finish his job. on 8/6/15 mr, Johnson accepted the other $150 and said that he would finish installing the software and that it would be good for three years. after a couple of hours he called my husband and said that there was a file missing and he could retrieve the file from the hackers but without retrieving the file he couldn't complete all of his job and that it would cost $250 to install the program and that the money would be refunded back to the credit card after the material was found. my husband told him that we didn't have the money he again insisted on the money and even went so far as to put his so called supervisor on the phone. he then insisted on the money and told my husband that the file that was missing could have been pictures or credit card activity and that the hackers could use to do whatever they wanted with the husband explained to him that the computer was just built in february and there was much of nothing on the computer but my husband did use my credit card to buy some items on then he said ok my husband told him the same thing this went on for about thirty minutes until he got my husband and I very upset. my husband told him that your job is not finished. he said that our computer is hooked up to his and that he cant see anything on the computer when im on it only that im on it. I don't trust this man and neither does my husband and neither does my husband. I don't know what he can do to my compuer. I know a lot of Indians but I feel that his name is not ron Johnson. if this is a real company and not a scam you must get rid of people like this because they can only make things worst for good americans. I would like something done about and im not just stopping here. thank you, sincerely mr. and mrs.ellsworth hilt


Aug 8, 2015

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