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H H GREGG / Return refusal

1 Nashville, TN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 615-259-3344

Bought 2 DTV converter boxes. I asked if I could be sure these would work on my 2 tvs as they were old. I was assured they would. As we were about 4 months out,
(I was told they were running out of these was my reason for early purchase),
I brought them home and set them in my office. A few days back, I decided to go ahead and install them, but they will not work on my tvs. So, I asked to return them and was told that the government would not allow these to be returned. I did not expect to get my coupons back, just the money I paid over that which was $53. The boxes were $59.95 less the $40 coupon for my cost of $19.95 and they charged me tax on the full price of $120.00

The thing that really made me mad was their telling me that the government did not allow these to be returned. I assured them I only wanted the money I paid over the coupon sum. I did not expect to get the coupons or their dollar amounts back. I was told it was a shame I couldn't understand that they had to go by government rules and that is why I can't return them.

Of course, it was past their return date.
Had I not been assured they were what I needed, I would have immediately used or tried to use them. But, like I said, it was not needed until next year so there was no rush.

Then I was told that they would not work because I had to buy another connector of some kind that is $15 or $20. That's a piece !!! WHY WASN'T I TOLD THIS WHEN I ASKED AND BOUGHT THEM????

Much fishy here. Please, please help.

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