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H H GREGG / Delivery charges!

1 Charlestown, IN, United States

Wish I had read the complaints about H H Gregg BEFORE I visited the store. I purchased a range from HH Gregg because they GUARANTEED to beat anyone else's price. They did, by $10! However, since they sold me the range at a "bargain", I had to pay for delivery ($59). There were no delivery charges for purchases over $499. My range was priced over $499, but with my "low price guarantee", the price of the range was lower than $499 even though the REAL price was over $499. Again, I had to pay delivery charges now. I thought about walking away when I was told that, and I SHOULD HAVE. Since I was in dire need of a range and am disabled and unable to do a lot of shopping around, I reluctantly agreed to the delivery charge. This was supposed to be a 'DELUXE DELIVERY". What a JOKE!! The delivery was supposed to include delivery of the new appliance, removal of the old appliance, set-up, testing all units and oven, leveling of stove, etc. When the delivery men (3 of then) arrived, they had it easy to begin with, as they did not have to remove the old stove, as I had already gotten rid of it. They rushed in with the new stove, pulled the tape off, set the clock and attempted to leave. I stopped them asking: aren't you going to level the stove?? I was told that it "probably didn't need leveling". HOW can they ASSUME that??? Reluctantly, they went out to the truck and brought their level in to appease me. Guess what?? The stove wasn't level!!! Imagine that! When they finished, the stove now set about 1 1/2 inches taller than my countertop. NOT wanting to ask for any more "FAVORS" in regards to the delivery and risk the chance of making 3 men upset with me, I let them go on their way. After they left, I called the store and said I wanted my delivery charges refunded, as there was NO WAY they could call that a DELUXE DELIVERY!!! I asked to speak to the store manager, but was told they would have him call me back. Instead, someone from the warehouse called me back. I told him my story about the pathetic delivery and the fact that I did NOT get what I paid for. He said he "understood" and would investigate and call me back. Guess what??? I'm STILL waiting for the phone call. Never again. I would rather shop somewhere else and pay a little more than to be "took" by a store that certainly cares nothing about customer satisfaction!!!

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