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I took my vehicle into the dealership to have the timing set, radiator replaced, and new spark plugs put in. When I picked up my vehicle it still ran terrible and had a miss. The service manager told me to replace the plug wires and it would run great. So I did. My van still ran horrible. After a day my motor started knocking terribly and began backfiring. I checked the spark plugs and they were all damaged. Some were broke, literally came apart inside, and others were cracked. I took all 6 plugs to the dealership and spoke with the service manager. He excused himself and did not return. when I asked where he had gone no one knew. When I asked to speak to the owner the employee could not even tell me the owners name. I left very upset. My motor is now ruined due to the plugs coming apart and the pieces going into my block, and damaging my pistons. I feel they should replace my motor but can't get anyone to help me.

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  • Ri
      Jan 06, 2009

    After he left the Dealership, he disassembled the engine himself, and then came in to the Dealership with 6 broken spark plugs. Stating he felt that the spark plugs were the wrong ones. After proving to him that they were the correct spark plugs, he left the dealership and contacted the BBB. We responded. We offered to diagnose the problem with his van at no charge to him. He called us and stated that he had disassmbled the engine and reassembled the engine looking for the problem himself. He also stated that he would bring the van back to dealership for inspection. Never contacted us after the BBB agreed that we were willing to work with him. We even offered to do the necessary repairs at a discount, because he had so many problems. The discount was not offered because we did anything to cause his probelm. Every time he has had a problem with this vehicle, we have found out that he has worked on the vehicle himself. As far as we know he is neither qualified nor experienced in automotive repair. We were more than willing to inspect his vehicle at no charge. But he has decided not to have us look at his vehicle.

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