Gumtree / theft bt deception

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Gumtree australia processed payment of $20.98 from me, for additional services for a real estate ad I requested. I failed to take note of the transaction number and since they do not send email confirmation that data as far as I know is no longer available to me. Now for the sting... 24 hours later after complaining "cant find my ad" they tell me I cannot post an ad from an overseas server (I am overseas on assignment) this new information is not stated in their ad process but taking my money under false pretenses clearly is ok by them. Repeated complaints to get my money credited is met by..."thank you please provide your transaction number..."
How many others have been stung with small amounts which multiplied by 1000s gives gumtree a bonanza.
They do not have any contact information phone or address in australia only the faqs ehelp for good reason. They are counting on everyone just "going away"
Consumers beware of this company they have more in common with scam than a legitimate business.

Oct 04, 2014

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