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Gulf & Pacific Fishing Co. aka Glacier Bay / Scam, lies, no money refund!

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This company advertises itself as an employment agency for the fishing industry. There are too many things that they are lying about to go in to detail. Suffice it to say in order to get individuals and groups to mail them a $39.00 fee ($35. for each individual in a group sent together) they return to you a 'job information packet' containing advice on how to put together a resume and a list of companies to mail the resumes to. There resume advice does not even include any recommendations to target this particular industry or sample resumes. The resume advice is so basic and often outside of the modern norm expected of a professional that the person who patched it together obviously has little experience him/herself in composing a proper resume.

For an additional fee they will do a resume for you and if you send along stamps they promise to mail out the resumes. They do not do any pre-screening as they advertise because they do no even inquire about the legal name or any other such info such as Social Security Number to screen a potential applicant.
They explicitly state that they have a relationship with the companies they tell you to mail a resume to. But in fact I called several of the companies personnel departments and they had never heard of Gulf & Pacific Fishing Co.
Included in the employment packet is a 'WARNING' page that says:
"All people whom pursue employment through G.P.F. Co. receive the highest recommendations from G.P.F. Co and therefore have an outstanding chance of achieving employment as an at sea food processor...
Each company has been made aware that you are registered and available for employment. The companies are fully aware of who is registered and who is not...
NOTE: All of the fishing companies immediately make G.P.F. Co. aware of any unauthorized applicants."
They claim to have the power to "BLACKBALL" individuals from the industry altogether. This seems like a fairly outlandish claim as most the companies can easily be found on the internet and frequently have applications available and employment advice available for free and do not require pre-screening. In fact all the companies I talked to had never heard of Gulf & Pacific Fishing Co. None of the companies had any kind of pre-screening service!
G.P. F. Co. and Glacier Bay has a strict 'no refund' policy!!! They make this clear after they receive your fee but not at anytime prior to receiving the fee. They claim that the fee is not how they make there money. They get paid by the fishing companies for the people they place in jobs. But since there is no correlation between your applying via a resume or in person at the companies I don't know how they would collect money from the fishing companies.
I called the company after receiving the packet and doing my own research to assert my right to a refund as they are a 'SCAM' and are not providing the service they advertise. They must receive quite a few such calls as they mailed to me a form letter promptly in reply.
What G.P.F. Co. offers is a partial list of fishing companies most with headquarters in the state of Washington who travel to Alaska. They are in no way a pre-screening company or have any relationship with fishing companies!!! Save your fee and either do an internet search for these companies or have a friend help.

Here are a couple good places to start:
Arctic Storm Inc.
Seattle, Washington

Baranof Fisheries
Seattle, Washington

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