Gulf Coast RetroFoam / insulation did not work

The purpose of this account is to report poor performance of a company and their product. That company is RetroFoamTM whose headquarters is located in Knoxville TN. I used their division/subsidiary located in Diamondhead MS. Their offering/proposal is to shoot foam from exterior of home behind any bat insulation and fill the void in between the studs with foam to better insulate your home.
During the initial appraisal and assessment of my home, I was told that their customers have been obtaining 20-30% better electrical/energy bills after RetroFoaming their homes. At 20%, that would have been approximately a 7-year payback at my home's current rate of energy use, all things remaining equal. The blown-in installation in my attic had settled and they suggested extra blown-in along with their foam treatment. I agreed. With the $800 worth of blown-in, the total estimate and bill came to $4933.56.
The procedure was accomplished in mid-April 2017. I did not track that month as it was half and half as far as the old and new. Starting in May, I tracked a comparison chart between the months of 2016 versus 2017. November 2016 was a very mild and January 2018 was colder than normal. However, late in the Fall of 2016 we turned our thermostat to 73 (normally 72) and during the winter we turned it to 70 for a while and then to 68 as we normally kept it year-round at 72. Too much energy was being used.
Overall, after one full year, our electrical bills have gone up just under 4% after spending over $4900 to reduce them. I cannot recommend this treatment to anyone.
Date Usage 2016 Current Usage Increase/Decrease

May 1683 1834 -8%
June 1980 2116 -6.50%
July 2750 2500 9.90%
August 2369 2476 -4.30%
September 2623 2211 15.70%
October 2120 2218 -4.40% 6th month
November 1305 987 24.37%
December 1228 1651 -25.60%
Jan-18 1044 1669 -37.50%
February 1103 1286 -14.23%
March 1477 1532 -3.60%
April 1641 1644 0.00%
TOTALs 21323 22124 -3.60%
Note: billing is thru 17th of each month. "-" sign means increase in energy use that month. Remember, our thermostat is always set on 72F (now, since Sep 2018, at 73F). 04 Dec 17, turned thermostat to 70heat. Do not count April 2017 as foam was only in for a few days during billing period.

Aug 02, 2018

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