Guest Pass / Dishonest & Rude Business Practice

1 9615 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas, NV, United States

Dishonest business practice!
The manager JOEE FISHER is very rude, and is a liar! I have no idea why LVAC would hire a liar as manager to represent the company? Is that the imagine they what to show people?
I went there with my friend today as a guest. The manager Joee tried to bring us to the side to get more info about if I have been there before, etc. I told him that I checked this location out before when I considered joining a gym, and I currently had free access to UNLV gym as a student. I told him I was not interesting sign-in today, if that was he bring us to the side for, so we could both save time. Then he insisted on us to follow him, with out clearly explanation the purpose. Therefore, I asked him how long this gonna take. and reminded him that I had limited time for this visit.
Guess what? He gave the guest pass back, and asked me to leave! He said, you could save the pass & time. I asked him for an explanation. He just repeated similar sentences which extremely unfriendly attitude. It should be up to me whether I wanna stay or leave. Where did he come to the place to make decision for me? And it's dishonesty business practice to refuse redeem member's benefit.
I requested his name & business card. His name tag was on the uniform, which he couldn't hide. But he lie that he didn't have business card. Really? LVAC is too cheap to provide it's MANAGER business card, is that the message he tries to tell me? Okay, then I decided to write down his name for my reference. My friend didn't have pen with her. So I turned around asked to borrow the pen in his hand. Guess what? He already hided the pen, and lie AGAIN:" I don't have pen." What a liar! A MANAGER of this club just lied in front of all his employees & all presented members, while everyone saw he how he hided his pen!! What kind of person he is? Completed dishonest & shameless! If my employee ruining my business reputation like this, I would fire him right on the spot!
With a MANAGER like this, I would never consider be a member with LVAC!

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