Guardian Of EdenFraudulent business practices/non-existent customer service

This company not only has horrible and/or non-existent customer service, they do not disclose or charge the legal "hazardous materials" information and fees on their website that's mandated by law.

I have spoken with one of the very few legitimate company's selling 35 % hydrogen peroxide out of Texas, which practices both ethically and legally as a business and cares about the health of its customers, which you can see for yourself by just giving them a call. Someone always answers the phone during business hours and is very helpful and courteous.

This company wants to be the only ones on the net selling 35 % certified food grade hydrogen peroxide, so they write their own positive reviews posing as actual customers in order to rebut and refute the truth about what is actually going on behind closed doors.

This company sells and operates under several different websites such as,,,, and also distribute through eBay and Amazon under the name trinity Nutra Lab and Pure Health Discounts, which in and of itself is a big red flag wth regards to a controlled substance. Would you want to pay for 35% hydrogen peroxide only to receive a watered down version?

I also spoke to a friend who purchased what he believed to be 35 % food grade H202 from this company, yet the product froze when he stuck it in his freezer. This would never happen with 35 % hydrogen peroxide. This company cares only about profits and is reflective in how they treat their customers.
Their DBA is "Guardian Of Eden" and only recently took down the Guardian of Eden website.

Do yourself a favor and purchase from your local organic feed and farm supply, and do your homework and research before placing an order with them.

Jan 16, 2017

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