Guardian Group Funds / False Promises

1 AZ, United States

I have been told ( were working on it ) .
I started my case in October 18th 2009. Every time I ask on whow the case is going this is there answere. I have asked for proof on what offers they have made to my banck and only get the ( were working on it ).
Its like they do not know wat to say. In March 18th 2010 I was told the person that was helping me did not belong to Guardian Group any more and I was asigned to someone else named Cinthya. Cinthya asked me to refax everything for a short sale because this was going to be the best thing to do considering my bank did not want to lower my morgage Cinthya said she would send me proof but never did. Regarles i send my information in the next day confirmed they did get it and they said yes. Wen i called to check on my case the same ( were working on it ) Until one day im told Cinthya is not with the company. Now im told someone with the name of Venus is taking my case when i talk to Venus she doesnt know anything on my case so she said ( were working on it ) I told Venus this was the runaround this was the same thing everyone in the office allways answered she just plain out asked me WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? Whith out checking what had allready been done.That is if anything had been done.
I filed a conplain with them and im expecting my refund
This kind of companys should not be in business

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