Guangzhou Black Hole Capitalthere's something shady about them

I wonder why they named their company Black Hole Capital. Why Black Hole?
Because the money can be deposited, but can't be returned?
It's impressive that the company is managed by two women only. They probably do absolutely everything and get tired fast. Or maybe they have more people working for the company, but it's their huge secret, who knows...
Anyway, jokes aside. It's really strange that the team consists of two people only. That's not enough. Do you really want to give them your money?
Moreover, judging by the website information, they have two branches in China: one in Guangzhou, one in Bejing. I don't believe that these two women can maintain it by themselves (if it's true though).
With all due respect, I wouldn't trust a company that hides their staff.

Dec 12, 2018

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