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GSI or Identity protection complaint / My personal phone # is listed as the complaint contact

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Phone: (530) 459-5749

Someone has posted my personal home phone number as the number to call, for a complaints board. Some people call it GSI (?) others ask if this is a identification complaintboard. I quite honestly do not know eactly what site it is on, but I have been getting phone calls about this since Oct. '07. If it is any help the first wave of callers was deffinately from the east coast, because I was getting calls in the very very early am. The second wave was pacific time and these latest ones have been central time. Is there anyway anyone can help and get my phone number removed from these sites??? By the amount of calls I have received, these people have ripped off many many many people. please, please please HELP!!!

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      9th of May, 2008
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    Since I filed this complaint, I have received four more calls, one from the east coast one from the mid-west, and two others I can't remember, Will someone please remove my personal residence phone number and name from this site!!! On an old piece of paper I found this someone had given me: www. Plus, to which there is no such site, however last Oct.'07 when they were charging my cc twice a month for $14.95 a piece, the other site was called identiy protection, they did this two months in a row, I caught it and emailed them to stop charging me imediatly, they did. If that is of any help to anyone trying to nail these rip off artist's. Of course these sites do not exsist any longer, but I guess they thought it would be funny to place my name and personal phone number on the complait board as who to call and complain to...I want these guys caught so bad I can taste it!! They have ripped of an awful lot of people, for much more than I lost, I also changed my cr. card number, and spend two days on the phone with the phone company...How come these people are not checked out before hand, someone must be in charge somewhere??? You'd think...Yahoo, Goggle, someone, if not there should be!!! Come on people arn't you all tired of getting ripped off by the invisiable looters!!! You would think that someone would hire one of hackers that's already been caught, and offer them a good legal job, catching the hackers!!! Or perhaps no one cares enough to have ever caught anybody???? To make this world better we all have to do our part, and forget the all mighty dollar, for a few moments!!! The best things in life are free...check your Karma people, if your sitting back laughing and counting your millions you've ripped off from good people... well what comes around, goes around, and I sure wouldn't want your Karma!!! If you don't know what Karma is, find out, it's a very real thing!!! Come on people, we all have to live here, let's get along...think of the old John Lennon song "Imagine" and "All you need is love"" the rest falls right into place... Someone PLEASE fix this!!! PLEASE.

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