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1 22 Blakesley Avenue,LONDON, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:

I have every intention to settle with the Grupo Mayan. It should be clear as a bell that that is so as I have reneged on nothing. They reneged on our agreement last Christmas, a sensitive time for someone living in England. For us Christmas is a special time and we all like to spend this time in peace and with a feeling of well being. After having been let down by them last Christmas just before the festivities began was very unnerving and sad. It is a season of goodwill. And I was left high and dry having gone to the trouble of getting an escrow agent, lawyer, and paid him, to get my money back from the Grupo Mayan. It is up to the Grupo Mayan to PROVE THEIR SINCERITY AND SERIOUSNESS NOW.

I have written them these words and they have said that they are "transparent" and would not "play games". Their email used these very words. Therefore I expect them to do as agreed i.e. to pay the money owed in full with the escrow agent's fee and then without fail, as written on the internet and as promised by me I shall withdraw all posts written regarding this issue without fail. I have given my word publicaly and in private to the Grupo Mayan. I cannot do more. They have to prove that they are serious about their wish to settle properly. Falure to obliterate my comments from the internet defies logic when and as soon as I am notified by my bank that the money i.e £4, 075 has been paid in full. I hope that whoever has any common sense reading this post will understand that I am genuine and have been since 2008. I have made many efforts to "bend over backwards", as they say in the UK to show good will and to facilitate the return of the money owed to me by the Grupo Mayan. I have already obliterated all the previous statements and where did it lead? To being disappointed totally and left high and dry by them just before Christmas! No refund of money paid to them for cancelled contract after so much effort on my part. I cannot go through that again. It would be ludicrous. This time they have to prove that they are truly serious and want to settle the matter once and for all by "coming up with the goods!" and not trying to stall and renege on their promises! There will be no problem in signing any contract to declare that NO MORE statements against them will not be made in public. That goes without saying and is a foregone conclusion!!!


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  • Vi
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Dear Readers,

    True to our commitment to Customer Care and in an attempt to resolve Ms. Christopher’s situation in good faith; we contacted her and offered a resolution. Verbally, she had agreed to stop posting during our negotiations and accepted them without hesitation.

    Needless to say, she has made it clear it is not in her interest to cooperate in resolving this matter at all as she continues to post compulsively. We cannot negotiate in this manner. We have principles and our integrity is being compromised.

    We host thousands of satisfied guests every week and we measure the caliber of our quality through several mediums in an attempt to improve on a daily basis. In fact, the company employs and trains thousands of individuals that work hard day and night to satisfy each and every guest and her bogus accusations without support are unacceptable. We have received many certifications that prove her accusations are completely untruthful.

    Therefore, as we had said before, we will not continue entertaining libel online and Ms. Christopher has our contact information if she would like to cooperate in the way we had offered to resolve this matter. We will no longer continue any communications with her if we are not contacted through the proper channels.

    Hopefully one day, she will understand that our intentions are honest and she will let us complete our negotiations.

    Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter. We are truly sorry she is not letting us help her.

    Karen Rose
    Customer Support Representative.

  • Ja
      24th of Jul, 2013
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    I had a horrible experience at Mayan Palace!! Not only was the presentation 3 hours (promised 90 minutes), but they DID NOT give us what they promised for going. They offered a 4 night paid vacation, and we got NOTHING. We received what looks like a gift card, and they told us we would just need to call the number on the back to book. When we got back to home and called it was NOTHING. Not a vacation, not a discount for a vacation...NOTHING. We called and emailed Mayan Palace, and they did nothing about it. They gave us an email address, which we have never got a return email on yet. (several tries). The people on the phone say that is the only way to be helped... they are unwilling to help

    Many people have been scammed out of money for attending a Mayan Palace timeshare presentation, so it could have been worse. I've been to other legit timeshare presentations, but this one scarred me. DO NOT GO...and if you do, be prepared for some super hard selling. They will change people on you 5 times before you can claw your way out of there. I recommend you to read this article on how most of the Mayan Palace timeshare sams are being committed:

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