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Pls. warn consumers that Grupo Mayan is an organization that preys on the elderly (and others). Their tactics, sales pitches, promises are false and misleading. Their promises of "renting out" a property (time-share) when you aren't using it, just wind up being another charge of $4 - $7, 000. For anyone who complains, they try to buy you off. They take $ from people who don't have enough. Ethically, they should be ashamed...they don't explain thoroughly/legally/correctly to the elderly and I'm sure others. Just another sale. If anyone has any advice, pls. post. Others need to know!

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  • Jo
      Aug 01, 2008
    GrupoMayan-SanJoseCobo - unableto secure reservations
    Judy's Floral Design
    10008 Oak Mill Court
    Fort Worth
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have tried for three months in a row to make a reservation on their website and phone and can never get through to them. We paid a lot of money to stay in Cobo and to this date still have not secured any kind of a room . I think the better business bureau and the state general's office should look into this resort and the handling of reservations etc.. They talked me into selliing my Marriott Time Share and then we paid additional $18, 000 to stay in Cobo. I think there tactics are somewhat questionable and wish to get all my money returned plus interest. I was also told at time of sale that the maintence fee was only $255 and I was then informed when I transfered my additional weeks to RCI that is $655-a little difference wouldn't you say.

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  • Mi
      Sep 27, 2008

    Just back from Cabo (9/27/08) and my wife and I experienced the exact scam that has been posted hundreds of times. Our experience started a bit different. We rented a waverunner in San Lucas and were approached by a female (American) named Ida Caldwell (sic) on the beach. She told us that we could receive our money back on the rental if we attended the presentation the next day, at the Grand Mayan in san Jose, breakfast included. We attended the presentation and we stopped it after three hours. The salesperson, Brent Undergall (sic), tall, caucasian, blonde hair, blue eyes, was relentless but we smelled a scam from the start. So we played along with his game thinking that if we could waste enough of his time we could prevent him front scamming someone else. It was quite comical when he would not provide a brochure, business card, etc...He just wanted our credit cards. He started out with a package priced at 70, 000 and by 90 minutes was down to 35, 000 and lastly by two other sales boobs, down to 7, 100. We did receive our money back and taxi fare back to our hotel. The only thing I am worried about is that I had to leave my credit card with the waverunner people in San Lucas and have a feeling I may see a charge of some sort from them ?????. I don't understand how the business based out of Texas can continue without the Attorney Generals Office getting involved. I could not imagine elderly people going through this and not succumbing to the pressure. Once we said we were not buying we were wisked off in a van out the back into an alley and brought to the front of the hotel so we could not talk to others already being scammed.

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  • Di
      Oct 09, 2008

    Grupo Mayan. Amazing...You guys are absolutely cynical. I can not believe how much you exaggerate things, and then go ahead and post them damaging a reputation from a legitimate mexican company that cant even defend itself online on these blogs. I have been a happy owner for more than 6 years and I have been going to the resorts every year since. My husband and I are even friends with some of the staff that work in the hotel. They know us now, and they do a great job at whet they do. They are such hard workers. "You played along to save other?" Bull. I dont believe any of it. You guys are ridiculous. As an elderly woman you would be happy to know that they care very much about the elderly and even waive maintenance fee for anyone over 75. I got the mailer about a year ago about it. Senior citizen discount. There are thousands of happy members out there, unfortunately people only blog about negative things, and more than often it is just competition trying to scare buyers away form the Mayan. Blogs should not be used as places to damage a Grupo Mayan image without evidence. This is defamation of character.

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  • Rv
      Nov 09, 2008

    We have to agree with Lyssa.
    We went through all that she explained except we were foolish enough to purchase. Not at 7, 100 I might add.
    Since then we have had no luck contacting them to make reservations or bank weeks. They do not answer emails either. The whole 'we will rent it for you' bit was totally bogus. You can come home and pay some 'broker' a lot of money and never hear from them again also.
    If you know some secret that will get us in contact with grupo mayan or any way to actually rent your weeks, please share!

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  • Gr
      Nov 27, 2008

    Dear Lyssa Reddish,

    Grupo Mayan is always working extremely hard to please its members and anyone that comes in contact with the organization. We would like to clarify your specific concerns. Therefore, we invite you to give us a call so that we can kindly assist you.

    Feel free to contact us. We identify that you are located in the US, our Customer Support Department numbers in Mexico City are [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected] from 9am to 6pm CST.

    Thank you for your time.

    Karen Rose
    Grupo Mayan Customer Support Representative.

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  • Ia
      Dec 01, 2008

    I have read most of the complaints, and I have to add mine and my partners experience. My business partner and I decided to buy after we had a really polite salesman gave us a really good presentation. Before I go any farthe I live in Canada and I have my own businesses. I am not employeed by Grupo Mayan lol. Anyway, like any products out there, flaws are present. Once identified then Grupo has the right to fix the problem. We have been Grand Mayan customers for 1 year and we had 2 visits, one to Cancun, the other was Neuvo. Everything was great, we had travel issues that Grupo Mayan took care. Anyway, to keep a long story short, we are pleased with our membership and look forward to using more of it. If you have any questions feel free tosendm e an email. Cheers

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  • St
      Jan 23, 2009

    Diana, Do you have the following problems?
    1. Get up at midnight 6 months in advance to book online and not get squat at 12:01? Do you then get up at 5:59 so that at 6 the phone is dialed and then hit redial for a couple of hours only to find out that the resort that you wanted and have already had a group of 3 other couples getting excited about going to that destination and have already paid you, Hmm, that property is all sold out in 2 hours of redial and busy signals. But if you go to a Wyndym site you can get a room though. Yeah, just keep selling those timeshares, so its harder to book.
    2. Go to the presentation and voice concerns and still have the salesperson lie straight to our faces like we are turnip truck idiots? What were the lies? 1. The Mexican Gov't is taking away the roadside stands for timeshares. Umm, no, the Mexican Gov't likes money. They will NEVER do that. We heard that a year ago. 2. I have been working here for 10 years said the timeshare shark. We asked specific questions and he could not answer them. Answers he should know. 3. We are not selling anymore Grand Mayan Packages. I hid my bracelet and asked a sales person in town if they were still selling Grand Mayan Packages. He said yes. Course maybe he was lying. 4. The "lux" or whatever they call it will be done in 18 months, no wait, October. We asked him about his 2 answers. He stared at us. 5. We don't have a hotel license to rent out rooms. But anybody off the street can go to cheaptickets and get a room. So with all those things said, Maybe we could keep our current package and be able to book it properly? Do ya notice they have the same balcony pools in the lux that I assume nobody uses? How long will it be before they start to tear down the Grands to build the Lux Deluxe? The big thing for the lux is, FREE INTERNET. Enough said about that US freebie at 99% of roach motels even.
    A shark last year tried selling us a "fast lane package" for $9000 WE COULD BOOK A YEAR IN ADVANCE. That was the whole package. Just book a year in advance. He used the whole scenario, disney customers pay extra to get in early blah blah. unbelievable. If you want a grand mayan package, go on ebay and get them for about 3-5 grand plus transfer fees. If the Grand Mayan also wants to keep a good business, they will continue to sell $5 beers. Actually ya know what? Maybe $7 IS A better price so it makes not a sole drink there. We spend about $1000 in town on other food and drink. If things were reasonable at the resort, we would spend that grand there. Unbelievable. Is it beautiful? Yes. These things that I complain about are fixable with ease and I would be happy.

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  • Gr
      Mar 14, 2009


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  • Hi Diane and Cristina,
    We would really appreciate if you give us the opportunity to contact you and clarify your issues with our firm, as the personnel for Gonzalez & Gonzalez is highly trained and supervised; and we can assure you that none of our customers have been attacked in any way.
    Looking through the files and data base of our company we do not show any record under the name of ¨Diane Jersey¨ and/or ¨Cristine ----¨, who are the people complaining and defaming against the firm.
    After 15 years of experience we knew some day this will happen, being conscious of this we back up ourselves by recording every incoming and outgoing telephone call.
    In case of the existence of a recorded conversation with you under another name, we would like to expose it to the internet community to prove the opposite of the complaints made on June 30th against Gonzalez & Gonzalez to discard the fact that the post was exposed by our competitors or from the timeshare developers full of frustration by our advocacy and success on the resolution of the cases handled at Gonzalez & Gonzalez.
    Also, Gonzalez and Gonzalez has never charged such exaggerated retainer fees, we have a long list of satisfied customers who support our firm, with identifications to validate their existence and able to show their satisfaction by the success in the resolution of their cases.
    Gonzalez & Gonzalez counts with ample evidence, to show the Internet community and guarantee that there is no existence of this type of situation in our firm.
    Jose Gonzalez

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  • Jo
      Jul 04, 2009

    I will tell my friends who had trouble with this company (g&g) to view these blogs. They will be helpful. I just want to say I am glad I listened to them and did not get involved with yet another company in unknown territory to me.

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  • Sa
      Aug 14, 2009

    My husband and I bought into the Groupo Mayan two years ago and believe me I had MAJOR buyers remorse afterwards. Especially when we were unable to use it the following year because we were buying a house; however, we did use it this year. April 2009 for a week and had the best time! We travel alot and really enjoy Mexico so the timeshare seemed like a good idea. The resort was beautiful, their activities coordinators were fun and had great things to do throughout the day. Everyone was friendly, the staff worked extremely hard to keep everything clean. The pool was the biggest I'd ever seen and they had chairs everywhere so there was no lack in chairs which is a good thing! I was very happy! My husband made all the arrangements and after reading these complaints was very surprised the reports of having such a hard time making reservations. He had no trouble arranging our week. I know this isn't what most of you want to hear but I hope it gets better for you. You've already invested the money so try taking advantage of it and actually try to enjoy it.

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  • Re
      Apr 27, 2010

    Having just returned from Cancun, my wife and I are still talking about the most abusive and high pressure time share sales event we have ever seen, courtesy of Grupo Mayan-Grand Mayan Resort. We were first approached by an "outhouse sales" (their term) rep at a Cancun mall. We were assured that there would be no sales pitch because the resort was already fully sold, that they just wanted to show us the property as a possible RCI trade. What we got was the grand daddy of all sales scams that started on the usual super friendly tour and breakfast and turned ugly as soon as we said no. The first closer became insulting. The second closer apologized for the first then tried his own sales pitch. The third and fourth closers stalled us further while "waiting for your gifts" and tried their own variations of the sales pitch. It got to the point where I thought that we were going to have to fight our way out and find our own way back to Cancun. These people are the WORST!

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  • Br
      Jan 17, 2011

    My wife, daughter, and I are down here now at The Grand Mayan as Elite SVC Members and we made Registry reservations to get an Oceanside View. (SVC = Shell Vacation Club--they are a honest, no scam club! The Registry is owned by RCI and consists of high-end properties.)
    I strongly suspected we would not get an Oceanside room because we were told last time regular RCI reservations (non-Mayan members) could NEVER get an Oceanside/sun view which are the odd numbered rooms. The last time we were here (5 months ago) I shamefully say that I fell for the extremely slick scam and bought a membership that was a foreclosure because the previous owner stopped paying. Gee, I wonder why?!
    The next day after coming to our senses and realizing I was taken to the cleaners, I was advised (luckily) to go to the "Profeco" --the Mexican Better Business Bureau, to get the required form that Grupo Mayan had to by law honor to rescind the contract. What I went through was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life! Lies, more lies, hard sell, soft sell, waiting indeterminably, told that the US had no jurisdiction here, and that they would call the Mexican police…
    I was advised not to bring my wife, which was a good thing. In the end, the last closer was supposedly a sales manager (He wasn't, I found out this visit.) Now this guy was really good and by then he knew I was a business owner with sales experience... He said, "hey you know this is all smoke and mirrors, and what the big print giveth, the small print taketh away." At least he was honest while buttering me up to offer everything at 10% of what I had paid. Finally after 4 hours got my credit card refund.
    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to keep writing about the "professional used car salesman" and dishonest tactics they employ here that we experienced first hand. (Plenty of other comments truthfully explain the fraud…) The first person you are introduced to is just the pleasant pawn, the flow of closers follows shortly after a fantastic breakfast and tour. It cracks me up that the circuitous carefully planned path and tour they have simply sells the resort all by itself—WHY all the dishonest tactics? Answer: to greedily prey among the unsuspecting, ignorant, and often elderly folks.
    PLEASE BEWARE! If it’s too good to true—IT IS!
    (By the way, he only reason we came back was for the lazy river and the pools (wife & daughter), and the great gym (me) with every exercise/weight machine available! –now that we had our fill—NEVER AGAIN! Too many deceiving VIDA demons in this paradise….) Grupo Mayan has such a bad name now the for these time-share presentations, so they changed the name to VIDA—par for the course and no Google search results yet for VIDA fraud/scam…, Jan 2011

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  • Cp
      Mar 21, 2012

    We went to the Grand Mayan for Christmas 2011 for my father's 80th birthday. We attended the timeshare presentation so we could get a golf discount. The 90-minute presentation became almost 6 hours long... high pressure. What a waste of a day... my husband and I said "no way" so the salesman started to put the pressure on my dad... when the Mayan policy is to target people under 75 years old, why would he pick on my 80 year old dad? The salesman promised things that he couldn't deliver on and then, when called on it, a different salesman cancelled the agreement and said he would refund my father's deposit. Meanwhile, they charged my dad's credit card for the outstanding balance. We sent a demand letter to the company and contacted the fraud department of the credit card company. Three months later we have finally recouped the money... but NOT from Grupo Mayan... from VISA. These people are horrible liars... BEWARE!
    And the golf course sucks... so don't fall for the golf discount!

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  • Ba
      Jun 12, 2013

    What a bunch of crooks!!! this is one of the most fraudulent timeshare companies in Mexico, they use misleading sales tactics and they are deceitful. There are hundreds of complaints, if you google "mayan palace scam" you'll find lots of complaints. I recommend you to read this article on how most of the mayan palace timeshare scams are being committed:

    we need to stop this fraud NOW

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  • Br
      Nov 13, 2013

    Unfortunately, Mayan Palace timeshare sales in Mexico are in its majority a huge scam. The OPC, the one on the street inviting you makes $250-$350 per be sure he tells you any lie there is. Timeshare sales people are rotating from place to place and mostly alcoholics that look for their 8% commission. We were surprised how they work, like sharks, and some are really good showing numbers, benefits, etc...If i did not know, i probably would have bought. Be careful and NEVER make a decision the same day!! They love this, just tell them that you need to think about and they will throw in all they have..that is the sign that something is not quite right:

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