Growquest Chris Gilcrest / taken my money and others

1 123 davis street, Santa Paula, CA, US
Contact information:

I agree with you 100%. He is very shady, not to be trusted and most of all he is a thief and so much more... watch out for this guy and company.

He has scammed 3, 000+ people and in fact he is being investigated now by the Ventura DA. I hope he gets arrested and is stopped this time. Bad things happen to bad people. One day he will get his.
He sure is a bad apple, like his sales.

Well, all I can say is run from this thief and in fact stay away big time. Run for the hills. :) :)

Spread the word so he can be stopped. The more evidence we have the better the DA can build a strong case. I plan to call the DA on Monday to add my name to the list. I know its been a while since I dealt with this guy back in 2011, but never to late. Bad reviews and crimes never go away.

I sent him money and he never delivered my goods. Then he had the nerve to ask me for more money.

I work in a jail as a probation officer and I hope I dont come across this guy. It will be nothing but bad news.

In 2011, I had a run in with this guy. He is only a talker and will threaten you over and over again. He BARKS a lot. He likes to get people scared but it never works. He harrassed and threatened me with a law suit if I dont remove my negative comments about him online. I said NO, I wont remove anything.

BTW, didnt his wife get a restraining order against him? Only a nut case acts like this towards other people. He has no regard for human life.

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