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Grove City Dental / Taken advantage of

1 4079 Gantz Rd Suite AGrove City, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 614-801-1000

First off, I don't have any insurance, so when this company said they would see me, no problem, I jumped at the chance. Big mistake. When I went in for my appt., I had to have 2 teeth pulled, they were telling me about payment options, etc. I was under the assumption I would be making payments, like we discussed. Wrong, not only did they take 3X the normal amount of Xrays, they waited until they had me all gassed up to take my debit card, and had me sign, saying" oh, they've got you signing under the influence" and laughed, didn't tell me until after they charged me how much it would be. Luckily I had a couple more dollars on my card then needed. They charged me a full $952.00 for pulling 2 teeth! Wiped my card nearly clean. I went back to have my stitches removed the next week, after being told I had already paid for it, and they tried to charge me $200 more for that! When I said, no I already paid, they credited me as a "courtesy" to them. They did an estimate on my mouth to have it completely fixed and told me about $15, 000 to do it, but I had to pay in full, saying my teeth would fall out in a year if I didn't! I went somewhere else, and I only have few cavities! I'm 22, I take care of my mouth, my last pregnancy caused me to be so sick it rotted 2 teeth, thats it. My boyfriend has insurance so he went to them for a pulling a few weeks later, since they did pull my teeth quickly and painlessly, they refused to pull his due to high blood pressure and charged him for unnecessary xrays, (which his insurance company said they were not needed), they sent him a bill for what his ins. didn't cover and a collections letter in the same week! And since then, they keep charging him $20 extra each for the 3+ bills they send him a month, plus collection letters, the only reason he hasn't paid is they are never open by the time he gets off work. Every time I try to pay for him, they are never open! The dentist himself is rude, he insults you about your mouth, not believing anything you say to him! Think twice about this place unless you have a lot of money!

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